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Seth Apter is incredibly influential so when working with his stamps, it can be so easy to suddenly be honouring his style, that was what I found to be the hurdle when inking up this fabulous PaperArtsy Mini stamp designed by Seth Apter so I deliberately stepped back, distancing myself from the creator of this design to re-assess the stamp and the direction I wanted to venture with it.


That's Crafty!Surfaces MDF Panel 4.5" x 9" Pack of 3
That's Crafty! Surfaces Rice Paper
That's Crafty! Pearl Inks: Bronze, Tree Bark
That's Crafty! Medium - Gesso White
That's Crafty! Medium - Liquid Acrylic Wax
That's Crafty! Medium - Texture Paste
That's Crafty! Stencil Mandala 8" x 8"
PaperArtsy Eclectica Designed by Seth Apter EM45
Archival Inks; Jet Black, Potting Soil 
Extras: used teabag, black embroidery thread, needle, leaf


With Archival Ink Potting Soil and Jet Black, I inked up the PaperArtsy Seth Apter Mini, stamping onto a used teabag.

With black embroidery thread, I set about adding details to the stamped teabag, stitching the centre cross and then a few French Knots. The stitches can be seen on the photo below. The tail ends of the black thread, at the rear of the teabag, were drawn upwards and downwards to bring a vertical line, shown more clearly on the main photo.

There are no step photos of the layering.

First, I applied Gesso (white) onto the MDF Panel and then to this, I layered a piece of re-cycled white packing paper which I applied Gesso to.  Once dry, I diluted some of the Pearl Inks Silver and Black, randomly applying a small area before wiping off excess. Pearl Inks were also applied to That's Crafty! Rice Paper, before applying, I misted the Rice Paper with water. Drying flat, air drying overnight, once dry I then tore a piece to layer onto the panel.

As always, something kicking around catches my eye, this time it was a piece of stained calico which had, with Texture Paste, the wonderful That's Crafty! Mandala stencilled onto it. To this, I added a piece of MDF, which was a piece taken from a future project to be shared here. A piece of muslin was painted with Gesso, to bring another layered texture.

To a scrap of handmade paper, Liquid Acrylic Wax was applied. Once dry, another piece of the Gesso'ed muslin was layered before topping with a pressed leaf. 

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