Floral Chunkie by Fliss Goodwin


I have another mixed media creation to share this week as I'm really enjoying playing with the sand texture paste, especially if you use it as the first coat as I did here and top it off with stencilled texture paste. Having said that, the other way round works very well too!

Step by Step

My substrate here is an 8x8 size chunkie which I assembled using multi purpose craft glue - That's Crafty! glue pen is perfect for this as the narrow nozzle is just right for applying glue to the small sections that slot into each other.

I then scraped sand texture paste roughly over the front of the chunkie and left it to dry thoroughly. I next used the pretty new lace doily stencil to add a pattern with texture paste, applying in opposite corners and allowing it to dry before tackling the remaining corners.

Once the front panel was completely dry, I added layers of colour spray, using Raspberry, Blueberry, Rose and Bluebell Flat Matte Sprays. As you can see, the texture paste has taken the colour in much more strongly than the sand texture paste but the contrast gives a good effect.

When I'm using ink sprays, I always place the item on a piece of A3 size cartridge or watercolour paper as you can then pick up the spray overflow to use on the same project or another one. I used my overflow sheet here with the new Decorative Masks stencil to create some flowers using Magenta and Purple multi surface paints. Whilst the mask was still in place, I sponged colour around the edges and cut the flowers out once they were dry.

I glued the flowers to the chunkie together with a circle decorated in the same way as the background (although not much is actually showing now!) and added some metal flowers from my stash to the flower centres.

I scraped sand texture paste around the edges of the chunkie, painting it with Lavender multi surface paint when dry and finished off with one of Lynne's lovely affirmations stamped on more spray overflow paper. 


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  1. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous textures Fliss on this
    Donna xx

  2. So beautiful, the background is amazing for your flowers, to shine- gorgeous make , Fliss.
    Hugs to you,
    Dorthe xxx

    1. Thanks so much Dorthe, your kind comment is much appreciated xx

  3. Lovely textures for those flowers to adorn, beautiful
    Amanda x

  4. This is beautiful Fliss, the textures and colours are amazing! xx

  5. This is a textural treat! Fliss with some wonderful colour tones too. Gorgeous piece x

    1. Thanks so much Amanda, I really love the texture pastes at the moment and can't get enough of them xx

  6. Fabulous textured background Fliss. Those embellishments make a great addition to your stencilled flowers.
    Hugs Tracey x


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