Silence by Lynne Moncrieff



This week, surprise, surprise, another panel!!!!

This started out, as always, with me having no direction, simply playing with some teabag paper which had previously been stained and corrugated cardboard from the same Mixed Media Paper.Card Kit.

The stencilled elements had actually been prepared simply from some play time, knowing I would find a home for the pieces - which I did.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set Lynne's Affirmations Set 7
That's Crafty! Surfaces Mixed Media Paper/Card Kit (corrugated cardboard, teabag paper, calico)
That's Crafty! 8"x8" Stencil Mandala TC8014
That's Crafty! Texture Paste
That's Crafty! Multi-Surface Metallic Paints Antique Gold
That's Crafty! Flat Matte Sprays: Basil, Rose
That's Crafty! Lustre Spray Gold
Archival Ink Designer Series Potting Soil 
That's Crafty! Surfaces MDF Panel (cut to size)
Gel Medium
Sewing Machine
Shipping Tag
Vintage Wooden Peg
Tea bath



Prepare the teabag paper by staining with the Flat Matte Sprays. For this project, the paper had already been stained because I like to place rice paper or teabag paper, sometimes, kraft paper, as an under-paper, allowing to catch sprays, paints, etc. When time to use in a project I can add a wee bit more spray if required. Allow to dry thoroughly.. if a nice day, hang the teabag paper outside to dry.

Also stain muslin, shipping tag, vintage wooden peg and calico in a tea bath and then with the same sprays and also, being sneaky with some upcoming Autumn Colour sprays!

When the tag is dry, time to stencil the beautiful Mandala, focusing on the central element of the stencil, stenciling with the wonderful Texture Paste. To create heightened texture, once the paste had nearly dried, I sprayed more of one of the Autumn Colour Sprays, bending the tag to form cracks.

You can see the cracks here.

I love when a product is of such great quality that it will allow you to do such things.

Placing the tag aside for the moment but continuing to work with the Mandala stencil, onto fragments of the stained calico, stencil small areas of the Mandala. They will be added to the project nearer completion.

Turning attention to the corrugated cardboard from the pack, brush with Gesso. To this, the stained teabag paper and muslin will be machine stitched. I flattened the corrugated paper with my hands prior to the stitching. Create a skirt effect by adhering a strip of corrugated cardboard along the bottom edge of panel. Next, this was adhered to an MDF panel.

Begin to assemble by wrapping string from shipping tag around stained wooden peg, adhering to panel along

with pieces of stained calico and the fragments of stencilled Mandala.

Also stamping the word "silence" from an Affirmation onto stained found paper with Potting Soil ink.

Once the elements have been adhered, time for some final touches of colour. With fingertips, apply Antique Gold to the stencilled areas, catching the texture, also applying, here and there to the corrugated cardboard and teabag paper, etc.

Continue, this time with Sprays, spraying the panel with Autumn Colours and the equally beautiful Lustre Gold Spray.

Tip: I like to spray water onto teabag paper prior to staining with Sprays, also placing some under-paper to catch excess colour. My favourite, working with layers of teabag paper, allowing colour to saturate the layers.

Until next time,


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  1. I do love your panels Lynne, the Mandala stencil always leaves a magnificent image behind. My favourite bits have to be the shipping tag wrapped around the dyed dolly peg along with the stitching of course.
    Creative Wishes Tracey x

  2. A really beautiful textured panel Lynne and the shipping tag looks fabulous with the stencilled mandala. Love the soft colours and the vintage peg is a gorgeous embellishment too.
    Fliss xx

  3. I love it Lynne , so Stunning with the stenciled Mandela, and the corrigated cardboard . Beautiful idea to ude muslin and the gold just gives the most wonderful end effect dear friend. 💕xxx

  4. I love your panels Lynne so keep them coming I say . This is fabulous. Love the textured stenciling on the hanging tag and the organic feel it has with the sprinkles golden opulence . x


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