Christmas Baubles By Gill Humphrey


One of the things I really love to do is to create dioramas and fillable acrylic baubles are a great way to create little scenes with lots of goodies you may have accumulated over the years.

Firstly I took half of a bauble base and primed it with Cracking Paste Primer and left it to dry naturally - don't be tempted to take a heat gun to it as you are likely to warp the plastic bauble!. Once the primer was dry I added a thickish layer of Cracking Paste - there are several colours in stock - using a brush to pounce the paste so that the depth varied as this gives a variation in crack sizes. Once the paste had dried I painted Tacky Glue over the dried paste pushing it in to the cracks and left it to dry. Once the Tacky Glue had changed to clear I then sprinkled over coloured flakes and brushed off the excess. There are lots of colours to choose from but you want one that will contrast with the colour of the crackle paste as they will show through on the back side of the bauble.

Having created the background I then layered elements inside the baubles - I have used cast resin pieces, natural moss, faux flowers and berries in my pieces  building the layers until I was happy with the compositions. To adhere everything I used .

For added details I used a spatula to apply Snow Crystal, Ice Crystal or Snow Paste to my pieces and on some of them I added a little more sparkle by sprinkling over Eco Glitters and/or Glamour Sparkles in shades that I felt worked well for my baubles.

Before putting the two halves together and adding a ribbon to hang them up I left all of the mediums to dry. Now all I need to do is decide where to hang them.

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