She's A Dreamer: An MDF Round By Lynne Moncrieff



A slight departure for me as I worked with a face stencil, Lana, for this project. A stencil which I had previously worked with, only using the swirl in her hair as background pattern on a project.

Faces appear to be everywhere in the Mixed Media world at the moment and yet I have always been nervous of faces, even as far back as studying Art & Design at school.

I decided to challenge myself to use the Lana stencil and I have to say that this project was one where I learnt a great deal. The big lesson for me, other than facing my fear of faces, is that I decided to not constantly refer to what was taught in art class, instead, focusing on the features within the Lana stencil and firmly kept in my mind, this is a Mixed Media project, it is not Fine Art, it is not Portraiture.

This was one of my most freeing of projects for a long time.

Note: I used supplies I had to hand: FW Acrylic Ink, Dip Pen, Liquid Pencil... use what you have. Half the fun is experimenting with what you already have to hand.

That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set Lynne's Affirmations Set 6 That's Crafty! MDF Rounds (used 8"round)
That's Crafty! Light Texture Paste
That's Crafty! 6.5"x7.5" - Stencil - Lana TC7009
Distress Crayons: Black Soot, Ground Espresso, Walnut Stain, Hickory Smoke
Gel Medium
Stabilo Watersoluble Pencil
Waterbrush (view HERE for similar brushes)
Various Eco Dyed Papers
Golden Titanium White Fluid Acrylic
Graphite Pencil
Baby Wipes
Liquid Pencil Sepia
Scraps of Japanese Washi Paper
Dip Pen - (Substitute with Jane Davenport Mixed Media Ink-Redible Calligraphy Pen)
FW Acrylic Artist Ink - Black


To the 8" MDF round, I adhered torn pieces of eco dyed papers (such as vintage book text, rice paper) and scraps of watercolour painted calico.

With graphite pencil, Lana was stenciled onto the panel. The features were lightly stenciled with a graphite pencil and for the sweep of hair, I used the Stabilo.

At this stage, it was simply a matter of placement of features with stronger strokes for the sweep of hair. Much of the background will be covered but the variety of textures and types of papers, etc, will react differently to the media that will be applied later, providing interesting results. It can seem a pointless exercise but it is well worth taking the extra time to prepare a panel in an interesting way. If I had only prepared with Gesso, the end result would be quite different.

I started to build up colour but I also turned focus onto the hair. That's Crafty! Light Texture Paste was the perfect medium to create the texture I wanted. I dipped the wet wipe into the paste, then literally dabbed it onto the panel. Although this was a slightly random process, at the same time, it did take time to build up the texture, sometimes wiping it back and re-applying until satisfied. In other words - I played around!

Once the paste was dry, which takes very little time, I gave my attention to her features. I extended the eyebrow, extending it over her hair.

With the placement of the features on the round panel, I had room to create a neck.
You can see the lovely texture the prepared panel brings to the face.

Warner tones were added to the face and hair, working with various Distress Crayons and a liquid pencil in sepia. I also played around with her eye, aiming for a softness, as though she is dreaming.

The Affirmation was stamped onto Japanese Washi paper, when torn it has lovely feathered edge which suited the sentiment.

What did I learn - when working with a face stencil, it allows you the confidence of placement of facial features yet you can bring your own touches, resulting in a finished project which does not necessarily equate to the actual stencil you worked with.

If you are new to using face stencils, I would say, embrace the process, at least to discover if they are something you connect with.

I am fascinated to discover, if working with the Lana stencil again, whether I can create another face or will the face above want to find her way into a second project. I will keep you posted!


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  1. Amazingly creative use of the Lana stencil Lynne, such wonderful texture and subtle detail to bring your dreamer to life.
    It's so lovely to see how different the stencil can be with inventive techniques too.
    Fliss xx

  2. She is such a beauty, dear Lynne , I am in awe of your skills, also in this part of creating art. The layers she is placed on, gives so much beautiful texture, and you created her dreamy eye and sensitive mouth with perfection- a stunning start on creating gorgeous faces, using stencils , I`m sure .
    Dorthe- XXX

  3. Such a fascinating project. Coming through the doubt with flying colours. Love how you have created her, she's fabulous! X

  4. Just wonderful! Well done! I'm afraid of them too, the faces... I might just need to challenge myself too!

  5. Her allure reminds me of an ancient painting on a plaster wall Lynne and to see the build up of texture really is a joy. The stencils give everything needed to guild us. She is magnificent.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  6. She’s so beautiful Lynne and I’m so happy you overcame your nervousness of using faces to bring us this stunner
    Donna xx


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