Chunkies Love by Donna Gray


Hi everyone,

It's Donna here today and no it's not the name of a new chocolate bar but like most of the DT I'm in love with the That's Crafty! Chunkies!! So today I thought I'd share with you one of the bigger ones I've been having fun with ;)

This is all the pieces finished just waiting to be glued together 

This is the 'front'.

This is the 'back' although I've chosen to not press the holes out for hanging it with.
What I Did:

I used one of the MDF 4.5 x 9 x1.5 inches Chunkies for this which have two press out holes so you can choose to have it hanging in landscape or portrait mode. For this though I decided I wanted to decorate the 'back' so I didn't press the holes out and chose to have it freestanding instead so it can be turned around when I fancy a change of image!

I kept all the pieces in their push out frame as I find it easier to paint them that way. I gave them all a coat of the black That's Crafty! Gesso as I wanted black for my base as I think it makes all the other colours I added later pop.

I used a mixture of Fresco paints in mainly pink, blue, green and white and just added them randomly with my fingers, mainly around the edges of the pieces and then I added a little bit of paint to the middles of the Chunkies as that's where I wanted the main image to be.

Now when I went to decorate all the pieces I just had fun and added doodling and some of my hand carved stamps as I went along. I used a mixture of Posca pens for my doodling as they give a lovely strong opaque finish which is what I wanted for this. 

Once I was satisfied that it was finished I glued all the pieces together using a That's Crafty! adhesive and left to one side to dry thoroughly.

This is the way I decorated mine but of course when you do yours you can use your own stamps for it and stencils etc, anything goes of course!!

I just love these Chunkies as the possibilities are endless and you get a choice whether you want to hang it on your wall or have it freestanding....clever huh?!

Supplies Used:
That's Crafty! - MDF Chunkies
That's Crafty! - Black Gesso
That's Crafty! - Multi Purpose Adhesive
Paperartsy - Fresco Paints
Stamps and/or stencils of your choice or get doodling!

Hope you like it
Donna xx

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  1. Magnificent, its so good to see all your doodles and designs front back and side to side. I have to agree the Chunkies are a magnificent invention. It's always fabulous to have a surface to work on that we can use as a way of displaying too... A real work of art Donna, I hope you have it proudly displayed.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  2. Love all the colours and the abstract patterns. It’s all gorgeous! Xxx

  3. Oh what a feast for my eyes, Donna,- so gorgeous, a creation. - Really amazing on all 6 sides. I love you added so many details, to top and button too, and your front and back, are stunning ,too. All your wonderful doodles, catch my eyes, and makes this so very special a creation, showing your sense for colormix and composition , for us to have a splendid experience seeing it . I love it , dear lady, you are a fantastic artist !!!!
    Big hugs from Dorthe xoxoxoxo

  4. Love this, the random paint patterns, the addition of the black, all the doodles I could go on but in simple terms, all of it!
    Amanda x

  5. Totally amazing artwork Donna. The amount of detail is staggering and looks just fabulous. Love how the black undercoat shows through too. A masterpiece!
    Fliss xx


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