Floral Bag by Fliss Goodwin


Hello everyone, I have something a bit different to share this week to show that my stamp designs truly are for mixed media as I decorated this bag with stamping onto fabric and you'll also see how well That's Crafty! multi surface paints perform on fabric too.

I had some fabric scraps in my stash as I keep a box full of scraps of fabric and lace as you never know when they'll come in handy. I was very lucky to have a few bits with very little pattern on them as I found when trying out the stamping onto fabric that small patterns or as in this case, tie dye effect fabrics in lighter colours work best. Anything too strong means the floral image will disappear.

I also find that if you're stamping on fabric, as it's not as smooth as stamping on paper, it really helps to use a stamp platform so my trusty Tim Holtz one came into play here. Not only is it easier, if you don't get a full impression first time, you can stamp again in exactly the same place to sort out the problem and not waste your fabric.

Once I stamped the image, using Versafine ink, I let it dry a little then ironed some Bondaweb on the back, peeled off the backing and then ironed the sticky side on to some interlining fabric to give it strength.

My bag of embroidery cottons then came out and I got to work, starting with back stitch and black thread around the edges. I then added further embroidery using shades of mauve and purple to tone with my fabric. Once the embroidery was finished, I ironed more Bondaweb on the back then I cut the flower out leaving a narrow border round the outside. There's a pic underneath and you'll have to excuse my rather wonky stitching - I think I need more practice as it's quite a while since I did any embroidery!

I then decorated the bag itself, placing a piece of card inside to stop the colour run, painting it with watered down lime multi surface paint. Once the paint was dry, with the card still in place, I used a script stamp without a block to add some detail using Fern Green Archival ink. I also stamped on the floral text near the top on the left side.

I ironed some Bondaweb onto some green fabric and stamped on the leafy sprig, cutting the image out to leave a narrow border. I ironed the leaves on to the bag, ironing the flower over the top to finish.


Extras - Scraps of fabric, Bondaweb, interlining fabric, embroidery threads, scrap card to fit inside the bag, iron

Have a great weekend and see you next week - a rather exciting one for me and can't wait to share the details.

Fliss x

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  1. Loved this the first time I saw it and was lucky enough to see it for real. Perfect project to show what can be done with both paints and stamps. Hand embroidery is so therapeutic. I love your very useful hand crafted creation.
    Wishing you a super weekend Hugs Tracey x

    1. Thanks so much Tracey and glad you liked it when you saw it too. Need more practice on the stitching though!
      Have a great weekend too and hoping you don't get rain.
      Fliss xx

  2. This looks beautiful I love it when crafts combine
    Amanda x

    1. Thanks so much Amanda and love mixed media myelf too.
      Fliss xx

  3. Yes dear Fliss, a beautiful project, which I also admired first time seeing it. The flower in the lovely colors, and I think your embroidery is very wonderfully done.
    Also love the lime tone, of the bag, as background for this gorgeous flower.
    Hugs, Dorthe, xxx

    1. Thanks so much Dorthe for the kind words on my embroidery which I much appreciate and glad you like it too.
      Fliss xx

  4. I so love this Fliss and I too get so much fun out of using stamps for embroidery too although I think your skills are far better than mine!!
    Donna xx

    1. Aww, thanks so much Donna, so kind and not sure my stitching is better than yours but thanks for saying so.
      Hugs, Fliss xxx


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