Snow in August by Amanda Southern


Hi Everyone
It’s snowing………… well sort of, it’s snowing with lots of new MDF and greyboard products from That’s Crafty! which were launched on Hochanda TV last Friday, you will still be able to see the shows on Hochanda catch up HERE. I got a chance to play with the beautiful greyboard snowflakes and the MDF wreath.

Here’s What I Did:

The MDF wreath pack includes 3 MDF wreaths which come as concentric circles, for my snowflake wreath I have used the larger of the 3 wreath rings. I have used mostly the large greyboard snowflakes but there are a couple from the small set. All of this piece has been painted using That’s Crafty! Shimmer paints and Multi Surface paints.

I started by painting the MDF wreath I haven’t gesso’d it first as the coverage of these paints is fabulous. I just built up the layers of paint applying it with a piece of washing up sponge which also adds texture to the paint due to the coarseness of the sponge. I then tore up some bandages and dipped them into some of the paint that I had diluted to change the colour to the ice blue. I then dried off the bandages with a heat gun. I roughly applied the coloured bandages to the painted wreath using That’s Crafty! glue which stuck it perfectly and also dries clear. I then set about painting the snowflakes, again no gesso was used and I sponged the paint directly onto the greyboard, I used the Ice Blue but while it was still wet I added the Dark Blue blending the colours together. I didn’t mind if I didn’t get a perfect covering of paint I quite liked the board coming through. 

The snowflakes were added to the wreath using a hot glue gun. I added sparkly gems to the centre to finish them off.

I then thought I wanted to add to the centre with a floating snowflake, using the paint again I chose the largest snowflake which also comes in co-ordinating smaller sizes so I built them up on each other for a large centre piece. In order to allow it to float I added a piece of acetate to the back that totally covered the hole. I glued it to the acetate using That’s Crafty! glue.

Last pieces to add were the greyboard words which I painted White and the bottom half were sponged in the Ice Blue and then glued into place onto the acetate. Final touch was a piece of painted bandage as a hanging string.

What I Used:

Acetate Sheet
Hot Glue Gun
Sparkly Gems from my stash

Hope you don’t mind it snowing in August?

Amanda X

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  1. Very clever idea to use the acetate to float that central Snowflake you would never know as it's seamless. Your wreath looked even more fabulous on TV Amanda, a beautiful way to show off the Paints and Surfaces. I love it..
    Hugs Tracey xx

  2. You created such beauty Amanda, I love the soft color , I need to get that too :-) and the way with the acetate is a great idea, love how the words kind of is flying in the air .... Also love the bandages, you used to create texture .
    Truly beautiful.
    Hugs, Dorthe xx

  3. So pretty - love all those wisps of cheesecloth giving it extra movement and dimension - a fabulous frosty wreath!
    Alison x

  4. I so love this wreath Amanda. It's just fabulous. Love all the texture and the colour is gorgeous. That snowflake in the middle sure takes center stage. Those torn up bandages really add to it too.
    Much love, Bev. xxx

  5. Soooooooooo beautiful, I can just imagine how much it sparkles and shimmers in real life, my favourite ;)
    Donna xx

  6. This is incredibly beautiful! I am inspired to try and make some this year, thank you so much! xxx

  7. This is so beautiful! Fantastic creation 💕

  8. This is wonderful Amanda. Would be happy for this to be in my Ho,e this Christmas... Wonderfully designed x

  9. Playing catch up Amanda and love this really gorgeous wreath. So much amazing detail and texture and the way you added the text is so clever too.
    Fliss xx

  10. This wreath is gorgeous! The use of acetate for the center snowflake was genius.


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