Nature – A Tag Book Cover by Lynne Moncrieff


The project I am sharing this week is the front cover of a nature themed tag book which has been published in Somerset Studio.  Stampington kindly allow artwork, published in their magazines, to be shown on blogs, social media, etc (they do draw the line at the same artwork being featured in another magazine including digi magazines). The cover of the nature themed tag book is only partially seen in the article.

The MDF tag forms a front cover (with another for the rear) of a tag book with an organic, nature theme throughout.


Extras:  Calico, Silk Sari Ribbon, Under Paper


After applying Gesso to MDF Tag, randomly apply Grunge Paste, only small areas, here and there. Once dry, sprinkle Infusions, focusing on top area of tag, misting with water.  Tip the tag, allowing colour to drip downwards. Leave to dry.

At the same time as staining the tag with Infusions, use excess drip off colour to stain a piece of calico. Scrunch the calico to provide an organic appearance once dry. 

Onto under paper (always ensure under paper is completely dry before using as a stamping surface unless you want to use damp paper top achieve diffused stamped effects), stamp moth and Kasia Avery’s unique marking stamps. Tear around images.  Adhere to tag, layering moth with some strands unraveled from the torn, stained calico.  Adhere the MDF waste from hole in tag onto stamped panel with the moth. 

To complete a book, layer the prepared MDF tag on top of all tags, threading a bundle of Infusions stained re-cycled silk sari ribbon through the holes in all tags. Wrap the tag book with the Infusions stained calico, tying closed with a length of calico, torn from the calico panel. 

Until next week,


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  1. Dear Lynne, I so love your organic looking creations, and the beauty from the Infusions . And then you wrapped it .....such a wonderful idea, and the wrapping looks amazing, too.
    Dorthe, xxx

  2. A stunning tag book Lynne and I love the wonderful details you have incorporated. The stained/drippy background looks wonderful on your tag and the butterfly is happily sitting there.
    Huge congratulations on your publication and as always I send my best wishes
    Annie xx

  3. Oh Lynne! How I would love to sit beside you and watch how you create such wonderful art! Congratulation on being published with this! Chrisx

  4. Love the natural feel to this and love seeing how you created it, it's wonderful! xxx

  5. What a wonderful idea Lynne. The tag cover looks really stunning in your signature colour palette and the sari ribbon is the perfect finishing touch.
    Fliss xx

  6. I do so love those dot's, dabs and drips of colour, unmistakably unique to yourself Lynne. Another beauty to behold.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  7. Absolutely stunning, Lynne - glorious drippage and layers of texture, all in your signature vintage neutrals.
    Alison x

  8. Truly gorgeous Lynne... I love your organic vintage feel.

  9. Stunning tag Lynne - yummy colours and texture


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