Growing Up by Lynne Moncrieff


Character Constructions stamps, although predominantly focused on paper dolls, have some very beautiful quotes/sentiments.  I partially used the quote from Le Petit Prince, which seemed so suited to team up with a That’s Crafty! House Shrine. 

I deliberately repeated numbers on the shrine as the initial thought behind this project was how so many of us can re-call, as we were growing up, parents would mark our growing heights onto the wall or in my case, it was onto a door frame of a particular storage cupboard.


Character Constructions Stamps Sets - Inner Child No. 8 (quote), French Laundry No. 5 (smaller numbers)
Infusions: Rocky Road, Rusty Car
Extras: Red Lead Collage Image, Old Measuring Tape, Old Book Page, Scrap Piece of Rusted Crochet Lace, Wooden Craft Ruler


Assemble House Shrine. Apply mixture of Infusions and Toffee paint, aiming for a distressed appearance, also applying to the wooden craft ruler and old measuring tape.

Once dry, randomly stamp EEA06 numbers, including onto sides of shrine and into recess (you can do all this prior to assembling, it’s a personal choice).

Tear/cut numbers from measuring tape, adhering to the recess and edges and one piece onto apex of shrine. Fussy cut the collage image, edging with charcoal before adhering to shrine. Snap the wooden craft ruler into two pieces, adhering above and below recess.

Stamp quote and numbers onto margins from old book pages, tearing, before adhering to the shrine. Layer the strip of stamped numbers, slightly behind the bottom edge of the wooden craft ruler, creating an edge. If you want the house shrine to be free standing, then do not add the stamped strip of numbers.

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  1. It is gorgeous, dear friend,- love how you used the old measuring tape, and the stamped ones on the sides ,too. The story with the children in center is lovely ,and your chosen favorite colors so wonderful, also here. Love your Shrine . xxx, Dorthe

  2. This is wonderful and so lovely that you used a childhood memory as inspiration! Chrisx

  3. Oh, this is delightful, Lynne: I love everything about it. I love the quote - The Little Prince is a great favourite of mine. We used to mark our children's heights on a wall in a little alcove. They are still there! I couldn't bear to cover them with paint!xx

  4. This is adorable Lynne. Like Julie Ann, we used to measure our children but I don't recall anyone measuring me. The image captures the mood perfectly and the sepia tones are wonderful! Xx

  5. Absolutely love this Lynne. Such wonderful detail and texture and the idea behind your creation is so lovely.
    Fliss xx

  6. This is such a beautiful piece. It really touches my heart. We have a door facing in the back hall that shows the growing heights of the grandchildren. The three little girls remind me of my three daughters. Love that you used the numbers all over this piece. It certainly confirms the sentiment. The addition of the ruler and tape measure are perfect for bringing all your elements together to tell the story. Wonderful! Cheers, Sharon xx

  7. Another visual story for us all to enjoy Lynne, from words, pictures and elements. The number 3 is close to my heart with my Trio.. Hugs Tracey xx


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