Her Eyes, Her Story by Lynne Moncrieff


For someone who likes to chop and change the substrates they work on, I cannot deny the fun I have picking and choosing which That’s Crafty! surface to play with. This week I have a project using one of the Dinky Uprights, I am such a fan of them, they take any abuse I throw at them, not verbal, never verbal abuse!!! No matter the media I throw at them, I’ve never had one buckle on me. 

I had no idea where this project was going, beyond gathering some supplies, it was once I placed the eyes onto the crochet lace, the words popped into my head. As I’d always hoped with the Affirmations stamps, they could be used in different ways, taking words from one Affirmation and combining with words from another, exactly what I did for “Her eyes, her story”.


That’s Crafty! Clear Stamp Sets - Lynne’s Affirmations Set 1, Textures Collection Set 1
Infusions: Rocky Road, Rusty Car, The Sage
Extras – Vintage French Book Pages, Vintage Crochet Lace, Mop-up Paper


I prefer to prep substrate with Gesso.

Apply Grunge Paste to Dinky Stencil, not completely covering the Upright. Once dry, sprinkle Infusions before generously misting with water, allowing colour to drip and pool.  This is where I utilize the colour that runs off, collecting onto various papers, etc.

Lightly stain book text with The Sage, ensure paper is completely dry before stamping LPC face and the decorative element from one of the other stamps on the LPC037 set. Adhere face to oval acrylic shape and circle to the stamped decorative element (yes, I did make the mistake of the text being upside down!).  Trim away excess paper. Layer eyes to vintage crochet lace before adhering to Upright. Adhere circle to apex of arch, trapping piece of mop-up paper beneath it.

The words were formed by selecting particular words from two Affirmations “Her eyes reveal her strength” and “My Story, I Will Share”, stamped onto margin of vintage book paper. Adhere to Upright.

Stamp script from Textures Collection onto mop-up papers and onto scraps of stained calico. Layer/drape them onto the Upright and onto the base.

Yes, her eyes do follow you around the room!



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  1. Absolutely beautiful creation Lynne. A vintage style triumph and love the story behind this too.
    Fliss xx

  2. Great use of those acrylics, your not knowing where I'm going creation has come together fabulously. You've created your very own Mona Lisa Lynne.. her eyes really do follow you around the room.. Tracey xx

  3. Oh dear Lynne, it is so beautiful, - the eyes are a fabulous add, and I love,love the texture you created , you are such a master, my friend! And I love how you used your Affirmations, too !! Dorthe, xxx

  4. Wonderful background details and colours Lynne x love the stamped LP eyes on the lace creating such intrigue x perfect choice of words from your own Affirmation stamps too x sending best wishes
    Annie x

  5. Oh my goodness what a fabulous creation. So much detail and so much to look at. A work of art Lynne. Just gorgeous.
    Much love, Bev. xxx

  6. Fantastic in every way Lynne. Her eyes do truly inspire our imaginations and they tell her story, or possibly many stories that go to make up a life! I love this beautiful little creation. xx

  7. Ooh this is stunning! The eyes are so beautiful and the words you chose are just perfect - wonderful inspiring art! xxx

  8. So beautiful! My eyes keep going to the rusty raised diamond shapes in the background. I love this, I like your title too.


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