Relics & Wishes by Lynne Moncrieff


There are not many steps for this project but it is time intensive due to the paperclay elements.

Have to say that the Uprights are the perfect substrate to create a relic style piece of art.


Clear Texture Paste (I worked with Ranger)
Crackle Paste (I worked with Golden)
Fresco Finish Paints:- White Fire, Pewter
Extras:- Cotton style fabric, sari ribbon, rhinestones


Begin by preparing paperclay elements. Working with paperclay and Prima moulds, create scrolls, border and wings. Leave to dry. Once they are dry, apply paint.

Apply Gesso to upright followed by applying clear texture paste to Star Shower. Once dry, apply Frescos. For the base, apply paint only.

Apply Gesso to MDF heart, followed by Crackle Paste.


Onto the paperclay elements and R&A, apply Frescos. Begin to layer up the elements onto the upright, including the prepared heart. 

Adhere paperclay border to front of base.

Stamp wish onto cotton scrap, layering with sari ribbon before adhering to upright. Embellish with rhinestones.

It is now ready to be displayed.

Until next week,



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  1. Fabulous vintage look assembly Lynn! The paper clay moulds ad such a wonderful effect to it. Interesting to see you use the Creative Paperclay. I ordered the more expensive IOD clay just the other day and was very disappointed as it was really dry and each piece cracked afer it came out of the mould and will need carefully gluing together. I am now waiting for my normal paperclay to arrive. I have always had good luck with that.... This is a really beautiful piece!!

  2. Stunning vintage creation Lynne with amazing texture and detail.
    Fliss xx

  3. Fabulous details Lynne x the moulds look amazing as does your gorgeous it!!!!
    Annie x

  4. fabulous Lynne - so beautiful x

  5. Lynne, how very fabulous, how beautiful, dear. The moulded paperclay pieces, are gorgeous here, with the beautiful head, and your way of making it all look so lovely vintage on the upright ,-- the crackled heart, too, is making this such a stunning piece.Dorthe, xx

  6. This is absolutely beautiful Lynne! What a great use of the uprights!
    Alison xxx


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