Autumnal Tree by Moira Sutton


Brushos – Sandstone, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Gamboge
Sentiment Stamp from Stash

The weather has certainly taken a turn and the tees I see from my craft room have gone from green to the multi hues of Autumn which I wanted to capture.

As I wanted an Autumnal tree I masked the base of the stamp which has grass on it with masking tape before inking.

In order to stamp the tree onto the paper I lay the stamp on its back on a stamping mat, inked it with the Archival, removed the masking tape and laid the water colour paper over the top smoothing to ensure the paper came into full contact with the ink.

When I lifted the paper the texture in the watercolour paper had given a sort of bark effect which I liked but there were gaps so I went into it with the black and brown pencils to redefine and add body.

Next I very lightly sprinkled my Brushos, just a few grains of each colour and each colour used twice randomly to get the variation of colour. Then I spritzed with the water don’t over spray or you will get a solid colour instead of the feathers a light misting gives.

Finally I stamped my sentiment and done.  


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  1. Beautifully autumnal Moira and rather like the cheery tree in my garden too. Love it!
    Fliss xx

  2. Great colours of Autumn with the Brusho's, love that tree
    Amanda x

  3. Oooh such beautiful and vibrant colours, perfectly Autumnal in all its glory:)
    Donna xx


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