Yesterday by Moira Sutton


Prima Art Alchemy Paints - Lime, Vintage Rose, Pink Blush, Wild Fuchsia, Royal Red and Rusty Red
Stamp from Stash

Give the pages a coat of Gesso and dry.

I took the Round Brush and loaded it with Gesso and pressed in its side onto the paper, then continued loading the brush and moving round in a circle, these marks are creating the petals of the flowers. 

I continued with another circle inside the original and till the circle was filled.  

I repeated this to create another flower. It is better to let this dry naturally than to heat dry as the heat can take some of the texture out of the gesso. You could use heavy gesso which would give an even more pronounced texture.

I selected the five shades of pink and red to give the depth, highlights and shadows I wanted. First I had to decide where the light was coming from, either left or right hand top corner makes most sense and I chose tip left. I started painting using your lightest shades towards the light sources and darker shades away from the light with the darkest of all where light may not reach such as in the centre of the flower head or bottom petals. I wanted a mix of colour throughout the flower heads.  

These paints blend beautifully and it is possible to layer colour on colour and of course they leave a gorgeous soft shimmery sheen when dry. I used the Lime Green for the flower stalks.

Next I shaded in areas around the flowers with the Wax pastels and used Gesso to blend them I was looking for a misty feel to the background.  

To complete I went back in with coloured pencils and black and white pens adding some more definition and flower centres, some doodling around the page, a stamped phrase and some white splashes. 


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  1. Beautiful flowers. Great texture. Lx

  2. Gorgeous flowers, they look really vibrant and I love that sentiment too :)
    Donna xx

  3. Really beautiful flowers Moira and love the gesso texture too. Great pages.
    Fliss xx


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