The Planetary Sea by Moira Sutton


Pebeo Dyna Paints – Blue/Green, Green/Yellow, Green/Blue and Orange/Yellow
Stickles in greens and blues

It’s Moira today and I have a little abstract piece to share. In my head I was doing something underwater and seaweed inspired but hubby says it looks like a planet surface, maybe Mars or Jupiter. So perhaps it is both, a planetary sea?

The Pebeo Dyna paints are interference colours which means they look different depending on whether they are painted over dark or light colours. To try this out I painted my 8 x 8 whiteboard with black Gesso and then spread a thick layer of the Crackle Paste all over. I took a palette knife and and dragged it through the Crackle to make grooves and repeated this with a smaller palette knife. Next I used the rounded end of a paint brush to dab holes in the crackle and left the whole thing o dry overnight. Yes honest no messing with heat guns just proper drying as this paste does weird and wonderful things when heated but not what I wanted. 

When dry I felt the crackle had cover too much of the black so I went back in with more black gesso.

Next I started adding the Blue/Green, Green/Yellow and Green/Blue paints, adding small strokes of different colours and building up layers to get intense colour and gorgeous sheen.  Using a small amount of the Orange/Yellow on my finger tip I rubbed over the most raised parts to create definition.

A final touch was adding various Stickles to the holes (craters?) I made with the end of the paint brush.

I have to say I’m loving these paints. I like shimmer and they really do dance and layering gives such a range of colour shade and combinations. I wish I was good enough with a camera for you to see how beautiful the colours and shine are.  


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  1. Wow is such an appropriate word for this beauty, the colours and textures are just stunning....I've now got a tube of that fab paint to try out too ;)
    Donna xx

  2. Wow, brilliant Moira
    Amanda x



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