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This week has been a special time at That’s Crafty! as it saw the launch of That’s Crafty! stamps. There are two collections, all designed by Donna Gray.

I couldn’t resist playing with a word stamp to make this canvas on easel for a home décor piece.


Mini Canvas and Easel
Martha Stewart Craft Acrylics:- Sea Lavender, Putty, Summer Linen
Black Stabilio Watersoluble Pencil
Crackle Paste (I used Golden but That’s Crafty! stock several)
Old Rolling Pin


Apply Gesso to canvas and MDF heart. Onto the canvas, apply Grunge Paste to brick stencil. Onto the heart, apply Crackle Paste. Lay aside.

Roll paperclay to required thickness. Ink up stamp and stamp into the paperclay. Cut into a small tile. If you want cracks to appear, do not condition the paperclay beforehand. 

Apply all the paints, with a foam brush, to the canvas and easel, heart and once the paperclay word is dry, swipe on some paint around edge. 

Scribble black watersoluble pencil to give definition and to create markings on the easel.  Wet a watercolour brush to blend. 

Assemble the canvas by layering the heart, key and paperclay word. Prop onto easel and display as home décor.

Until next time,



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  1. Lovely mini canvas Lynne, you have put your own spin on the stamps fabulous

  2. Simply elegant Lynne and love how you've added all the texture to this lovely piece of home decor.
    Fliss xx

  3. Gorgeous creation Lynne and a genius way to use the word stamp too :)
    Donna xx

  4. Lovely creation, Lynne. I love the way you use Paper Clay and the crackles in it look great! This would be a lovely welcome for people moving into a new home. xx

  5. A very lovely mini canvas that says so much about HOME. Love that you use those mini stencils to bring out so much texture, Lynne. The bricks are to me strength, the heart speaks of love, the key either access or safety. Gorgeous little work of art. Thanks for sharing, Lynne. inkybru xx

  6. This is such a beautiful canvas and would be wonderful for someone moving house! Anne xx

  7. Absolutely wonderful! Love all the texture - what a lovely gift this would make! xxx

  8. This is so gorgeous! I have been to that's Crafty to see how you made it. I love the idea of making word tiles with paperclay - brilliant, I never would have thought of it! xxx

  9. I also love you used the word stamp, Lynne as focal point, on your wonderful canvas. Beautiful with the brick wall and crackled heart, putting the key behind is a great idea, -home,- heart and the key to where we belong. So beautiful in every way, dear Lynne !! xx

  10. Great little canvas! Love how you used the mini brick stencil! Chrisx


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