Passion Changes Everything by Moira Sutton


DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics – Coballt Teal Hue, Primary Magenta, Naples Yellow Hue, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, English Red Oxide, Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Cobalt Turquoise, Titanium White, Carbon Black
Pitt Artist Pens - Green, White and Black
Spray Bottle with water
Quote stamp from stash

There were a few things in my head when I began this make. Firstly I wanted to work on a square so I used the 6 x 6 MDF panel instead of my journal. Secondly I wanted some serious drippage and finally I was seeing lots of signs of spring, flowers, green leaves, birds coming home after their winter break and I was thinking how the birds would soon be nesting and how bees would be pollinating flowers which creates the seeds which next year become more flowers and how throughout the year there is constant change, growth and rebirth.
I started with a coat of Gesso on my board.
Next I laid down a coat of thinned Cobalt Teal Hue across the whole board, and then added Naples Yellow Hue, Primary Magenta, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium White and more Cobalt Teal Hue in different areas trying to group the colours in three distinct areas and sprayed water on some of the thicker parts of the a paint and tipped the board up and tapped the bottom on my desk a few ties to get the dribbles moving and once dribbles were reaching the base put the board back flat and dried with a heat gun. 

I painted the Red Iron Oxide, English Red Oxide, Quinacridone Burnt Orange on to the poppy stamp 

and stamped twice making sure to stamp one of the flowers partly off the board and dried again. I went into the centre of the flower and gaps between the petals with the Carbon Black paint adding an outline all around the poppies with the black Pitt pen and picked up some of these lines on the inside with the white Signo pen. I added dots of white in the centre with the white Pitt Pen over the black when dry to enhance the poppy centres. With some very watered down Titanium White paint I gently added some highlights inside the tops of the flowers and around the edges. A green Pitt pen provided the stems and a little of the Cobalt Turquoise was rubbed around the edges.
Next I added the quote. I wasn’t sure ink would work so decided to keep with the paint and rubbed a small amount into my craft mat to get a thin even layer and then dabbed my stamp in it so there was paint on all the letters but no flooding and stamped. Always get the paint off stamps immediately as it dries very quickly. As you can see the image wasn’t very strong so I went over it with the black Pitt pen. 


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  1. That is lovely Moira. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Wow love this Moira, is fabulous xx

  3. Oooh! It's like a Monet with it's gorgeous drippy background and blousey flowers. I do love poppies and you've captured their frailty so beautfully. Fab! Lx

  4. Beautiful colours and drips! xxx

  5. Fabulous! Moira A wonderful piece of wall art . x

  6. Oh so vividly bright and refreshingly stunning Moira. j.

  7. Love it Moira!! Fabulous use of colours
    Amanda x

  8. Gorgeously colourful Moira and love your paint drip background too.
    Fliss xx

  9. LOVE this one as I absolutely adore poppies,beautifully and stunningly made
    Donna xxx

  10. Moira, This is so beautiful and I love the drips and the touches of white. It is so fabulously vibrant.
    You and I are thinking alike this week!!!


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