Colourful Girl by Debs Wainwright


Hi everyone Debs here, coming from Bradwell in the Peak District. I'm up here for two weeks on my hols and as you are reading this I'm getting ready to go to a workshop with Dina Wakley. Thinking of her paints inspired me to use them in this week's project. 

What I did

On some mixed media paper I added some texture paste to the page and created patterns randomly with texture brushes.

Once dry I added the paint in blocks of colours being careful not to blend the colours too much as I wanted to keep the colours fresh and not make mud.

My colour choices were based on colours that would blend and those opposite on the colour wheel to make them pop;  you can see that the blue yellow and green work harmoniously together and the purple next to the yellow really shouts.

I drew my girl with a black water soluble oil pastel which I activated to get some shadows, then added some white highlights. Why this dried I added some stamping using the paint and a few stamps with black ink. Once it was all dry I touched up some areas of the face with a black pen to neaten her features. I darkened the hair with the pastel. 

What I used

I quite like this girl who I  think is  quite colourful, hope you like her too.

See you next week

Hugs Debs xX

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  1. I love this a Debs. It's a great step out explanation. Really inspiring me to go and paint. Have a wonderful painty session with Dina today!

  2. She's great! She's a strong lady with a forthright expression. I like that. Love those colours. Lx

    1. I like she looks strong too. A sign for that I too am getting stronger lol xxx

  3. Great color and depth smashing make

  4. This is gorgeous Debs, so colourful and really love the face.
    Fliss xx

  5. Fab colours, great drawn face.
    Amand x

  6. Fab face, Dina's class will be brilliant,enjoy ;)
    Donna xxx

  7. She is awesome and I love the background too! Stunning art Debs, thanks for sharing the step by step too as I would not have thought to add paint and not mix the colours Karen x


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