ATC Trio and New Stamps! by Fliss Goodwin



I hope you caught the shows That's Crafty! had on Hochanda yesterday but if not you could still watch on rewind. Very well worth a peek as there were some really gorgeous new stamp and mask designs from our very talented Melina and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed making my samples. You might just have caught these in Charlie's hand if you watched the shows and I'm very pleased to be able to show you how I created them.

What I did:

The basis for my trio was some decorated paper that I created using Flat Matte Sprays with Melina's gorgeous new masks so I'll show you them below and then explain how they were made - actually very simple to do.

As you can see, I have 2 designs on here which is because I used an A4 sheet of thick cartridge paper (my preferred choice for making backgrounds) and the Mix Up mask (the diamond design one) is 8 x 6ins so only fits on half, so I decided to use a Mandala design on the other side.

I simply placed the masks on and misted on Rose and Bluebell Flat Matte Sprays. As you'll see a bit of yellow has crept in which is because after making my second paper there was ink left on the stencil, so not wanting to waste it, I pressed it on this paper and then misted on a tiny bit of saffron to pull it together.

 Ok, so this one is very grungy! This is because I first placed the same Mix Up mask in place on the right and misted on Saffron, Rose and Bluebell inks, the bluebell promptly turning green as it mixed with the Saffron.

I then pressed the mask on the opposite side to transfer the leftover colour and misted on a little more colour which then ran all over the place, giving a very grunged up look. I added a little more pattern on the white areas with the Saffron spray to finish.

I also mopped up the leftover spray by misting on some water and pressing on more paper and as you'll see below, I gained 2 more sheets to use elsewhere.

I then stamped my chosen flowers on more cartridge paper and coloured the images with Flat Matte Sprays in various colours and cut them out. In the case of the poppy, I cut the bits out separately and cut off the leaf as I wanted to shorten the stalk to fit it on the atrist trading card.

I painted the edges only of the atcs with Black Multi Surface Paint and cut pieces of my background papers to glue on. I stuck all the flowers in place and finished off with text stamped on black card an heat embossed with white embossing powder.

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  1. These cards are so vibrant and pretty! Love your backgrounds <3

  2. Fliss , I love the ATC`s and the background you created . It looks amazing, and thankyou for telling how to,- they are both beautiful backgrounds , with the wonderful flowers on top . Hugs, Dorthe, xxx

  3. A beautiful trio Fliss you really have done Melina’s stamps proud with these
    Amanda x

  4. A Gorgeous Trio , Fliss. You ahve really made Melinas stamps and mask shine . x


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