The Artist Who Creates With Passion - A Journal Cover By Lynne Moncrieff



This project sees me once again playing with the Lena stencil this time using the stencil to decorate the front cover of a Pink Pig journal. 

My initial plan, a nature themed journal but when working with a nature theme, I like to crack on with projects, this journal I wanted as something where I could spend time, whether mere minutes or longer, on an area where I could view development over the journal - it was decided....faces. A journal to sketch faces and features and so it was easy to decide on the direction of the cover of the journal, the Lana stencil.

That's Crafty! Lana Stencil
Pink Pig A5 Posh Matte Ameleie 270gsm Watercolour Paper Sketchbook Landscape
Distress Crayons: Ground Espresso, Walnut Stain, Vintage Photo
That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Acrylic Paint: Ivory 
Rice Paper (Eco Dyed)
Posca White Paint Pen PC-5M
WaterBrush (That's Crafty! stock a variety)
Dip Pen
Bamboo Dip Pen
Acrylic Drawing Ink Black, White
Golden Fluid Acrylic Titanium White
Baby Wipes
Vintage Book Pages


I had some eco dyed rice paper and vintage book pages to hand, which I adhered to the front cover of the Pink Pig journal. I would normal advise to wait until papers are completely dry, preferably overnight but I like to see how media reacts and in this instance, began stenciling the face while the papers were still slightly damp.

With Stabilo watersoluble pencil, I stenciled Lana, flipping stencil over after I stenciled the left side then penciling  in lines for her neck and hair. At this stage, I swiped on some Titanium White Fluid Acrylic, using a waterbrush to activate the watersoluble pencil.

I laid down some tones with Distress Crayons, watersoluble pencil, activating them with waterbrush and baby wipe.

As I worked on the face I made changes. This is what I didn't expect when I first began to use the Lana stencil. I was convinced, with a face stencil that you had to be true to the lines of the stencil. I have since changed my thought pattern. The stencil is a means of giving that push to work with faces and obviously following the stencilled elements but also giving confidence to extend the eyes or as I did, later on with the face, altered the jaw line or play around with hair.

I decided at this stage, I wanted actual texture to her hair and I knew the best product to achieve this...Light Texture Paste, applied with a glue spreader to form waves but also allowing some areas to remain free from the paste.

Once the paste was dry, I began the process of bringing the face to life working with the Distress Crayons, watersoluble pencil and Titanium White building up colour then pushing it back, either rubbing with a baby wipe or squeezing the water brush directly onto the face, allowing water to dribble downwards. This process took me longer than I anticipated, I ended up over-working the face because I, somehow, made her lips too prominent and I lost a sense of emotion to her eyes.  At this point (no photos), I was tempted to ditch this as a project which would have been the easiest action but I also know, that is not the way to make progress.  So I battled through and it was a battle!

For mark making, paint was applied with the edge of the glue spreader also adding marks with the Posca pen. For her hair, other than the Light Texture Paste and Distress Crayons, there is also the colour of the eco dyed papers which peek through and working with the dip pens and acrylic drawing ink. Dip pens are lovely for creating loose tendrils. 

Another detail photo of the face and a sneaky peek - with Laura's permission :) of something coming soon to That's Crafty!  New Affirmations.

I am glad I persisted with this as a project but as with all my projects, I see the glaring areas where changes could be made. It is all too easy to share projects within our comfort zone but we definitely learn more from the times when we step outwith that zone and the big lesson I quickly learned, faces for some reason are calling me to investigate them further.

Before I sign off - exciting news, as tomorrow, That's Crafty! have two HOCHANDA appearances.  Neil Burley will be in charge of the shows for this month, demoing new products and there are lots of new products, it really is an exciting time!  We would all love if you could tune into the shows @ 11 a.m. and 3 p..m. Monday 21st May (SKY 673, Freeview 85, FreeSat 817)


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  1. Most inspiring Lynne, great use of the stencil and mixture of media. It's so good to see you have taken this next step as there should never be any fear of creating. Perfect choice of journal one of the best on the market. A beautiful piece of art work.
    Creative Wishes Tracey xx

  2. Dear Lynne,
    So happy you decided to go on with this gorgeous portrait , you have really made her your own, creation, even I know the stencil, helped a lot, in giving references about eyes and mouths - I think she is fabulous with her almost 3-D hair, made with the paste, and the look as if she is on an old plaster board. xxx

  3. An absolutely beautiful portrait Lynne and amazing use of the Lana stencil to create it too. It's so lovely to see how a stencil can make such a gorgeous face and the way you've created texture and detail on her is wonderful.
    Fliss xx

  4. Very clever layering here Lynne and I love the textures created x
    TFS Annie x

  5. This is so beautiful Lynne, you've taken stencilling to a whole new level (I hate that phrase but it does seem appropriate here) Her hair looks amazing with the texture and the dip pen work xx

  6. Lovely addition of texture to your portrait to really bring it to life - so cool to see how you can adapt the stencil to your own creative path. Congratulations on your new stamps and stencils too - I can see I will have to go shopping again!
    Alison x

  7. I’m so excited by your journey into faces Lynne, your creations always have an air of mystique about them
    Donna xx


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