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This project actually came about by happenstance, in the most wonderful of ways. 
I was organising some supplies and before my eyes, a fragment of stamping (leftover from a few days earlier, when I had been stamping the new Everything Art stamp) floated up in the air, fluttered, before landing onto a previously stained RELICS & ARTIFACTS Papillion!  Imagine that! I was transfixed by this especially when you consider that as an animal totem, the butterfly symbolises personal transformation, moving through different life cycles which is exactly what I see in the stamped fragment of the Everything Art stamp. I surely could not have made this happen if I had tried especially as I had no thoughts of using that stamp with the butterfly.

It led to this project, “Your Journey”, a young woman and the passing years, into maturity, a new life cycle. The butterfly represents her wings, which carry her on her journey through the stages of her life. If she is willing to give herself permission, she has the key to unlock that which is within her, to lead her further on her journey with courage and hope as signified by the butterfly.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Sets Lynne’s Affirmations Set 1 (partial use of the “Sprinkle Starlight Along Your Journey”)
Infusions – Blackcurrant, Sleight Blue
Extras: Old key, re-cycled corrugated cardboard, vintage French book pages, calico, tea bag, rusty wire


After painting Upright with Gesso, sprinkle with Infusions and mist generously with water.  Apply Grunge Paste to Brick stencil, only applying small, random areas near edges of Upright and on base. Once dry, lightly sprinkle with Infusions, again misting with water.

Tear partial signature from old book. The book I used is falling apart so it wasn’t necessary to tear the pages. Layer all to Upright. Stipple Rust Finish onto edges of upper book page and to corrugated pieces. Some of the pieces I incorporated had previously been stained with Infusions or painted with Gesso. To upper right corner, layer found papers and textiles, including scrap of calico stained with Infusions, attach with Tiny Attacher.

My butterfly had previously been stained and the faces stamped onto paper but to replicate – apply Gesso to butterfly (it isn’t necessary but I prefer to do so when working with Infusions). Lightly sprinkle Infusions, focusing on edges, misting with water. Adhere stamped faces, which had been stamped onto natural paper, with Gel Medium, allowing one corner to curl. Stipple Rust Finish onto edges of butterfly, antenna and a vintage key. Once finish is dry, wrap key with rusty wire before adhering to centre of butterfly.  Adhere butterfly to Upright. 

Onto teabag paper, partially ink up the Affirmation. Staple to Infusions stained crochet lace before adhering to Upright.

Insert Upright into base.

Until next time,


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  1. Stunning project and lots of detail to look at

  2. A beautiful project Lynne! Xxx

  3. Sigh, dear friend, such a beautiful, art piece, and such a wonderful "accident" leading to this gorgeous upright , art. I love the stamps, and Can`t wait to get mine, and your colors are formidable ! Also love, the story, you saw , watching the heads land on the butterfly !! xxx

  4. Beautiful and grungy,details are amazing
    Donna xx

  5. Such a pretty composition, I Love the use of the rusted key to create the butterfly body the sizing is perfect, along with the happy accident to help you develope this masterpiece.. xx

  6. A really beautiful creation Lynne and just love that it came from serendipity which is one of my most loved things.
    Fliss xx

  7. What a lovely project and I think it's wonderful when 'happenstance' works its magic! Truly beautiful creation, Lynne. xx

  8. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and TRULY LOVELY. As an 'older' gal - this totally touched my heart Lynne. Thank you dear! Xj.

  9. Thank you all so very much.
    Many of you know I am struggling to keep active by visiting blogs. To have you take time from your day to leave comments, it does mean so much to me.

  10. Well this was certainly a very happy accident Lynne. I love all the details and the fabulous butterfly......totally fabulous dear friend xxx

  11. This is absolutely wonderful! xxx


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