Playing with Stamp N’ Bond by Moira Sutton


Visible Image Stamp Sets – Butterfly INKcognitio, Flower INKcognito and Learn to Fly Again
From stash – glitter, microbeads, stamping Film

Hi Moira here with some experiments with Stamp n’ Bond. Someone whose judgement I trust had recommended I try the Stampendous Stamp n’ Bond, a powder which when heated allows loose material like glitter to stick to projects. I was dubious as I had tried these types of products in the past and always been disappointed but I thought lets give it a go. I used the same stamp on all my experiments, the Butterfly from the Visible Image Butterfly Incognito Set, various.

Experiment 1

For the first card I stamped the butterfly in Versamark, sprinkled on the Stamp n Bond, heated till it melted – this is quick and obvious when it happens and tipped Tim Holtz Distress Glitter on it and rubbed it in gently with my finger. I was amazed it stuck and stayed stuck. As the direction I’d stamped the butterfly looked a bit like it was crashing to earth I chose the sentiment from the “Learn to Fly Again” set and stamped with, not sure why it did not come out gold but like the sort of faded look it has.

Experiment 2

This time I wanted to try using varied colours of fine glitter to see if the Stamp n’ Bond would stay sticky long enough. The glitter was from my stash and I have no idea what make it is but to be honest was surprised how dull it looked, think I need to invest in brighter glitter. Again I stamped with the Versamark on the Stamp n Bond, heated till it melted, I did have all the bottles of glitter open ready on a separate sheet of paper for tap off and  started in the middle of the image sprinkling and tapping of the excess, then the green and finally blue. Again I rubbed it in gently with my finger. This time the sentiment came from the Flower INKcognito set.

Experiment 3

This time I wanted to try something a bit larger than fine glitter so got out some purple microbeads from my stash as I wanted a contrast colour to a black background. Again the same process, again a happy result.

Experiment 4

This did not go so well, so I reasoned if it could take microbeads it could take Chunky Glass Glitter and it can in that it holds just as well as the others things but the chunky glitter was not a good match for the stamp. I think with a bold solid stamp the chunky glitter would be great.

Experiment 5

I had lurking in my stash some Stix 2 Transfer foil, but no longer any instructions nor memory of how to use it, did that stop me, hell no. So again I stamped and sprinkled with the Stamp n Bond as I did in the other experiments, and laid on the foil, with the colour facing the card, not much happened, and then I twigged I had the foil the wrong way up, so I stamped and sprinkled again, and laid down the foil the correct way burnishing firmly. When I peeled the foil away I did not have a perfect image, obviously where I had doubled stamped affected it but I rather liked the shabby look, so to set it off I gave it a spritz with a couple of Lindy Stamp Gang Starburst stains with the foiled area giving a great resist. I will finish this one off at some point but I had to stop there as we were off out to a friends 60th.

So my verdict is give it a try it is easy to use and gives reliable results. I’m thinking Christmas, quite fitting given we had snow yesterday!  

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  1. Impressive! Thanks for taking us through that Moira. It was really interesting. Lx

  2. The end results of your experiments make it well worth it Moira as they're lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Fliss xx

  3. I have some of this and never used it, thanks for the tutorial.
    Amanda x


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