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Good morning everyone!  Debs with you today and I'm sharing one of my girls. She has been around for a few days pestering me to paint her, until I finally had some time, and here she is. She looks to me as if she is deep in thought. I wonder what about?

This is what I did 

Using a splatter page in my journal, I painted a rough shape where my head and body were going to be, then with a selection of stencils created a bold background. Building  layers using similar colours against contrasting ones, in a combination of greens and blues as well as reds and dark pinks until there was enough depth. You can see in this photo, the layer below, which was pigment powders activated with a Pearl mica spray.

The face was painted with a chalk acrylic and water soluble pencils blended together to provide highlights and shadows.  

Using a dark brown pencil, I drew in the features keeping them simple, blending and adding colour as I built up her features with tones. Her eyes were brought to life by giving them colour, as was her mouth. I continued to add shadows and highlights and sketch in her hair.

I finished her her using a gloss finish acrylic paint for her hair with a black crayon blended to add shadows in her hair and body.

What I used

Maybe her thinking is connected to all the thinking I'm currently doing as I'm in training all week. Hope to see you around blogland, take care

Debs xx

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  1. She's beautiful, Deb - and I love the contemplative look in her eyes.
    Alison x

  2. She is, indeed, beautiful. Love all the shading. Lx

  3. Your girl is just gorgeous Debs and I love the way you created the stencil background which looks fabulous!
    Fliss xx

  4. She's gorgeous, and I love the stencilled background Debs! xxx


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