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Christine Adolph came to my attention via Stampington & Company. I am lucky enough to have some of her stamp designs, so imagine how happy I was when I spied the new Prima Christine Adolph Rub-Ons being sold at That’s Crafty!

The rub ons are adhesive which actually opens up all manner of possibilities. 

At the end of the instructions you will see I have provided instructions for resin paper, something that is appearing quite often on my projects at the moment.   


Prima Marketing Christine Adolph Rub-Ons – Flower Stems, Wildflowers and Butterflies
PaperArtsy Infusions – The Sage, Golden Sands, Blackcurrant
Ice Resin Kit (for resin paper)
.  Imitation copper foil (substitute with flakes or foil sheets, etc, available from That’s      Crafty!)
.  Tag
.  Vintage French book page
.  Burlap (substitute with Tim Holtz Textured Surfaces)
.  Fabric scrap and jute ribbon scrap
.  Stamp – I used a Christine Adolph (Stampington and Company) stamp to create some  subtle background stamping – French script and netting stamps


Apply the Frank Garcia powders, generously misting with water. Dry with heat gun, applying Gesso just before the panel is dry, blending the Gesso with the colour.  Generously mist with water, drying with heat gun.

Apply two flowers and honeycomb (tore the honeycomb rub ons as I wanted a distressed edge) then apply imitation copper leaf foil. 

Sprinkle Infusions along top of panel. Generously mist with water, allowing the colour to drip down the panel. Manipulate the colour around the flowers. 

Randomly stamp onto background – the stamp designs don’t matter too much, they just provide depth and interest. Stamp bee onto tissuestock, layering to panel with fabric, jute ribbon and a tag (this was from a pack I purchased but you could create your own tag or use pattern paper).

Separate the Gypsy Cord, working with one of the colours, wrapping it around the bottom of the panel, layering with scraps of burlap and resin paper.

Finally ink edges of panel.

Ice Resin – Making Resin Paper

You can see I added a piece of torn resin paper. I make the paper in batches, allows me to add pieces to a project without the need to invest extra time when working on that set project. Resin paper is easy to create but you need to allow time for it to cure, work in a well ventilated area and if your hair is likely to get in the way (pointing my finger firmly in my direction – long hair and resin are not the happiest of marriages!!!) tie it back and always ensure you work surface is protected. 

.  Lay vintage book pages onto craft sheet or lay bin liners on a flat surface.

.  Mix the Ice Resin following manufacturer’s instructions. 

.  Apply the resin to both sides of the book pages, a piece of household sponge is ideal for        applying the resin.

.  Leave to cure.

Until next time,


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  1. I love the copper in this piece! It's always been top of the list of metals for me. I used to use it all the time but have lapsed lately. You are again inspiring me to try some old and make it new again. I'm amazed at the array of inks, paints and powders that you use. Your bits and pieces you add onto your pieces are such sweet papers and fibers. I always think "Oh, I'm going to do that" and then the piece is finished and mailed out before I remember that!!! LOL Thank you so much for giving us all the steps, Lynne. (As soon as it's warm and I can really open up my house, I'm going to try ice resin.....asthma prevents me from doing it in winter/early spring). Thanks so much, Lynne! inkybru xx

  2. Love the fabulous details you have created here Lynne....the foil and infusions look amazing as do the stunning rub ons .....of course I adore your resin paper too.
    A great step by step and I have added a few more items to my wish list

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie x

  3. Such beautiful effects Lynne, and thanks for your wonderful tutorial. Particularly interested in the resin paper, as I have just purchased some Ice Resin.
    Alison xxx

  4. Such a beautiful piece with great effects, love the neutral colour palette and wonderful other additions!

  5. Another fab piece of work Lynne and thanks for the resin paper tutorial too. Lx

  6. It's really gorgeous Lynne and the natural tones and rustic embellishing are so beautiful.
    Fliss xx

  7. Beautiful as always Lynne
    Amanda x

  8. Lynne, those powders makes magic, in your hands, it looks so wonderful mixed with a little gesso, and those rub ons(new on my private wishlist from Laura`s shop,lol) wow,- they are gorgeous with the copper leaf foil, dear, what an exiting thing to make them adhesive . This piece is amazing ,in tones ,composition and all -and love the add of cord, too. Thank you for the resin how,to . xxxx

  9. How beautiful this is, Lynne! It's so varied and I love how you have used a range of really exciting materials. Finally I love the sound of resin paper. I have to try that out definitely. Thank You for always generously sharing your art and your process. xxx

  10. Soooo enchanting... .love the earthy rustic but CHEERFUL look Lynne. And as always - I adore you unique creativity. Xj.


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