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The project I am sharing this week was made as a sample for when That’s Crafty appeared at Stitches, earlier this year.

I had a leftover frame from the shrines I was working with for samples for the show.  I realised the frame would be a lovely way to display some of the Word Series stencils onto white/greyboard tags. Except, I didn’t have enough tags so had to hand-cut them from one of That’s Crafty’s white/greyboard panels – another reason why those panels are indispensable.


That’s Crafty! Scallop Top Extra Large Art Shrine, MDF Hearts (small size)White/Greyboard Panel 10”x 8” (I did not have enough white/greyboard tags so I hand-cut them from one of the white/greyboard panels)
Gesso – Black, White
Stabilo Black Watersoluble Pencil
Extras: Pearls, Various Infusions Stained Mop-up Papers


Apply Gesso to the shrine frame, MDF hearts and white/greyboard (it isn’t necessary to apply Gesso to the white side of the greyboard but it’s something I choose to do).

Apply Grunge Paste to all the above but only slight touches on the panel that will be transformed into tags. Next, apply Infusions, misting generously with water, allowing colours to drip downwards. 

Before the Infusions dried, I picked up some colour, onto my fingers, rubbing into the Facia Familiaris. I like to add a touch of Grunge Paste to the R&As prior to the Infusions.

Before layering the frame onto the panel, I edged with white paint pen marker, also edging the prepared MDF hearts.

Stencilled onto a hand-cut tag is a word from the Word Series stencils. Black Gesso was applied through each word, using a cosmetic sponge. After removing the stencil, with the water soluble pencil, I edged each word. This was repeated for each tag, using a different Word Series stencil.

The prepared MDF wings were layered with the R&A, giving her a pair of quirky wings, before adhering to top of frame. After adhering the tags, to add texture and interest, torn pieces of mop-up papers were layered here and there as were scraps of calico which had been stained with Infusions. Finally, a scattering of pearls.

Until next week,


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  1. Amazing grungy detail as always Lynne and the stencilled words are perfectly showcased too.
    Fliss xx

  2. Such beautiful color tones, dear Lynne, and wonderful texture, also with the mop up papers, added to the words "tiles" . The idea of using them to fill out, the frame, is making me see it,like an old-age board that has hung in a church , years and years ago.Gorgeous it is !! xxx

  3. Lynne this is gorgeous, I have never heard of half the product you use, ( I am way behind with those things and don't buy much these days ) Love the look though and the tones and texture are superb. Hugs June x

  4. Love this Lynne, the pale edges give superb contrast to the piece! Xx

  5. Love this Lynne, created in true *Lynne* style you always seem to make those muddy colours pop out whilst drawing the eye in..!! Hugs Tracey xx

  6. Wonderful, just love the grungy effects so much
    Donna xx

  7. Beautiful effects Lynne! Xxx

  8. At first this seem so simple - until you take a second look! Fabulous!


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