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Hi there, I’m back today with my promised reverse side of the heart shaped dreamcatcher, the first side of which I was pleased to share last week. This side has a more vintage, romantic feel to it and I hope you like it.


Extras from stash – oval jump rings, antique gold filigree etchings


As for the previous side, all of the pieces were first given a coat of Gesso as this gives a good surface for further layers. I then painted the small hearts with shades of pink and blue. The Pebeo paints have a lovely shimmer, which doesn’t show up that well in the photos. I stamped the hearts for the outer rings with the dreams text using the black ink.

I next decorated the large heart having decided I wanted lots of texture. To achieve this I covered the heart with embossing ink using the Emboss It Dabber. This is very wet and stays that way whilst you sprinkle the Frantage embossing powder all over. Heat the powder to melt and repeat if necessary until the heart is well covered.

Stamp several of the large butterflies on stamping paper using black ink and paint using the Pebeo acrylics. I used the same pinks and blues and varied the colours on each of the butterflies. Cut these out and glue to the large heart. Make sure the glue is quite strong as the embossed surface is shiny. I also positioned the top butterfly first, mirroring the one on the other side so that the top looks neat.

I did explain how I fixed it all together last week but it’s easier to see on this side how it all works. If you look closely you can see that I attached the filigree etchings in between the jump rings on top of the hearts and the effect is so pretty.

Here’s a close up of the embossing and a butterfly so you can see the texture better. As you can see, this side is simpler in some ways but the overall effect is more vintage in style.

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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  1. Love the embossed surface on the heart and the contrasting hues of the butterflies! X

  2. An absolute stunner! I bet it's really shimmering in real life too,beautiful
    Donna xx

  3. This is gorgeous Fliss I love it , even more than the other side, you know me a sucker for texture and shimmer.

  4. So lush, beautiful Fliss
    Amanda x


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