Tangled Butterfly Dreams by Lynne Moncrieff


I have been playing, once again, with Infusions. 

This week I used them to create two different effects on the Alterables postcard panel, also using salt with the Infusions and using them to stain scraps of calico, deli wrap and fibres from the calico to create a dreamy, tangled effect.


Script stamp (I used a small script stamp from PaperArtsy ESN but Prima Finnabair Clear Stamp Messy Writing would be a good substitute)
PaperArtsy Infusions:- Blackcurrant, Violet Storms, Royal Blood, Black Knight
PaperArtsy Sanding Block
Extra:- rock salt, calico, fibres from calico, button and deli wrap paper


Apply Gesso to panel, heat set before applying washes of Violet Storms and Blackcurrant, working with a very diluted mix and applying in horizontal, broad strokes. Heat set.

Apply Grunge Paste to Dinky Stencil, keeping middle area clear for the butterfly.

Rub on the butterfly then apply the gold foil. I like a distressed effect so I took a sanding block to rough it up slightly.

Apply the Infusions, focusing on the Blackcurrant, allowing the colour to pool around the stenciled area. Scatter salt and leave to dry. Use remainder of Infusions (on craft mat) to stain calico and scrap of deli wrap, also staining a jumble of fibres from calico.

Shake salt from panel before layering the calico and deli wrap with a button and adhering the fibres.

Finally flick Infusions onto the panel, diluting the same colour and applying with fine watercolour brush to areas of the butterfly.

No doubt Infusions will be appearing again!



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  1. Wonderful outcome Lynne. Thank you for sharing the step by step you followed. Fabulous details and textures. The butterfly looks amazing and the fragment pieces add the perfect finish

    Annie x

  2. What wonderful textures on your creation Lynne. Love that butterfly so much. Tutorial is just what I need, so Thank you for that too. Have a Good Day my friend. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. What a gorgeous shabby chiccreation Lynne and the colours are so beautiful with the gold butterfly.
    I think I need those infusions now!
    Fliss xx

  4. So beautiful Lynne! And how very clever to use of all of those various elements to get such interesting-textural results!Such a lovely butterfly with his gilding! xx

  5. The dreamy ,lovely effect you surely created, dear Lynne. And the wonderful infusions colors so beautiful, and with interesting effects , because of the salt, and the pooling.
    Love the butterfly, in golden foil, and the distressed look. I so agree, that the foil as is, is too shiny perfect ,and rubbing over it a great idea.
    It is a beauty my friend, - Thank you for telling and showing. xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Lynne. Wow! Lx

  7. Such gorgeous colors! Yes, blackberries and blueberries! Even the fibers make me think of all the briars one encounters when picking those luscious blackberries! LOL I'm loving those Dinky Stencils you have been using. What great texture and background effect they make. The butterfly is exquisite. The gold foil and the Infusions really make it one of the "Ohhhhh" centerpieces. I love the richness of the Infusions. Beautiful piece, Lynne. inkybru xx

    1. Forgot to say how much I like the dyed fibers and pieces of fabric. :)

  8. So beautiful postcard Lynne... Love your infusions background in these delicate shades!! and this gold butterfly really nicely pops out!!!
    Love also the stained fibers with the remainder infusions on your craft mat, every detail is beautiful! Coco xx

  9. Love that gorgeous shimmer on the butterfly - beautiful Infusions work again.
    Alison x


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