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Flicking through the Dina Wakley Tissue Collage Papers Faces, there is a sheet containing four faces, which made me consider the possibility of using the faces in a book, pairing with sentiments from the sheets within the Background pack.

There was no question what I would reach for to stain the paper, including staining the actual Tissue Collage Papers....That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals with a touch of their Pearl Inks.

I will be sharing a flick through of this book on social media.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set Lynne's Mark Making Stamps Set 1
That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set Lynne's Mark Making Stamps Set 2
PaperArtsy Eclectica Seth Apter Mini EM48
PaperArtsy Eclectica Seth Apter Mini EM46
Dina Wakley Media Collage Tissue Papers - Faces
Dina Wakley Media Collage Tissue Papers - Backgrounds
That's Crafty! Pearl Inks: Black, Tree Bark
That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals
That's Crafty! Medium - Gesso White
Archival Ink Jet Black
Extras: rag/watercolour paper, sewing machine, black waxed thread, rusted fabric, black sewing thread


Paper was torn into 5 equal sized panels.White Gesso was randomly applied to each panel/
I mixed That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals (which are an absolute essential) with water in a mister bottle, creating the desired strength of walnut ink. This was sprayed onto each panel, including the rear sides.

Pearl Inks in Black and Tree Bark were splattered onto each panel.

I then applied the walnut ink to Dina Wakley collage tissue paper. This photo shows comparison of one sheet which had been left untouched with the other having the walnut ink applied to it. I also applied walnut ink to collage background papers.

All were left to air dry, flat, overnight.

I do not have stepped out photos for all the stages. I try to snatch any time to craft which means it is impossible for me to always take step photos.

. I tore out the four faces from the collage sheet of faces which has four faces printed on one sheet.
. I selected words/sentiments from the walnut ink stained sheet, playing around with some of the phrases to form my own.
. One face would appear on each panel.
. Playing around with composition, I had a loose idea of layout before taking each panel along with a face, words/sentiment, torn background papers, to the sewing machine.
. Once all panels had been stitched, it was time to add stamping.

That's Crafty! Mark Making stamp sets provided the stamped elements that worked along with the style of the faces.

Be the answer...
Create the world you want.

This page would become the cover - I stamped marks from both Mark Making sets and also randomly applied ink to the Seth Apter Mini, focusing this particular stamp onto the white areas.

Be peace

Another Seth Apter Mini was stamped repeatedly (the rusted fabric pieces and stitching were added after the stamping)

Be happiness

On each page, I found it a balance to allow some areas to remain free of walnut ink or stamping, yet I wanted a loose feel to each page.
On this page, there were lots of small splatters from the Pearl Inks.  Those splatters influenced by choice of Mark Making stamp, although not a splatter style stamp, the smaller dots were in harmony to the cluster of splatters.

Be The Light

I wanted the placement of the That's Crafty! Mark Making stamps to bring the eye towards this face.  The placement of the rusted piece of fabric towards the right side of her face was to bring balance to her face. I did consider journaling as an option in this area but with it being in a book, I would have felt the need for journaling on all the other faces.

Be not afraid

If not machine stitched, some of the walnut ink stained tissue paper background papers were adhered to the panel alongside pieces of rusted/eco dyed fabrics with some being hand-stitched with black cotton thread.

Seth Apter Mini stamp was also randomly inked up (as I tend to do with these stamps), creating interest to the "white" areas.

At the end of this, I could have adhered them to That's Crafty! MDF Panels, having four collages featuring faces as focals but I had the idea on first seeing the faces that I wanted to form them into a book.

What I had before me, single pages, made me consider the binding choice. Japanese Stab Binding would allow those single pages to be bound together. The technique can be easily sourced in a Google search although I followed measurements from "Bound" by Rachel Hazell.

The cover shows the binding.

The pages were photographed once the binding was in place - doesn't make life easy for taking photos!!!

A black marker pen was used to create a scribbled outline around the words "be happiness"

I enjoy using machine stitching to not only adhere elements but the visual interest and texture it also brings to projects.

The final face, I felt there was almost a sense of fear, trepidation in her eyes which is why I paired her with the words "Be not afraid". I also think they are words to live by, especially in these crazy times!

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  1. Just beautiful, Lynne - the faces are really haunting. I really like the white words stamped on kraft too.
    Alison x

  2. Such a beautiful book Lynne. The vintage colours and all the gorgeous layered textures look amazing. Love the way the faces peep out of the pages too.
    Fliss xx


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