Grungy Long Greyboard Tags by Lotte Kristensen


Hey everyone! It's Lotte here again, it's the weekend, and what better way to spend your time than to do a bit of crafting? I've been playing with the That's Crafty! greyboard long tags – they are brilliant for doing small, quick makes and trying out different colour combos etc, and they are really sturdy so will take a lot of painting and distressing! I got a bit carried away and ended up making quite a few tags, but will share just the two today. I used the same paints, stencil, stamp and ink pads for both, and really like the way each tag looks different but complements the other.

Materials Used:

For the first tag, I painted the top third in Fresco Finish Mermaid, and the bottom two thirds in London Bus. Once dry, I sanded lightly from top to bottom, and rubbed some Archival Potting Soil into the scratches, using my fingertips. Next, a light coating of DecoArt crackle paint down one side.

When that was dry, I inked up the Carabelle stamp in Archival Watering Can, and stamped it at odd angles to each other, including on top of the crackle paint. With the Arrows stencil, I used a fine paint brush to pick up a bit of ink from the Red Geranium pad, and stencilled in thin arrow. Then mixed a bit of texture paste with a teeny bit of black paint and stencilled more arrows.

I finished up by making a couple of marks with an ordinary pencil, used some dry transfer lettering to add a word, and used a piece of bubble wrap inked with Potting Soil to add texture to the corners.

The second tag was painted with Fresco Finish Mermaid, and once again sanded and Potting Soil ink added to the scratches. I stamped the Carabelle stamp in Red Geranium on the top two thirds and with white gesso on the bottom third (Stamp with paint by brayering a thin layer onto craft sheet, then lightly brayer the stamp . Make sure to clean your stamp at once after stamping with paint!!)

A couple of random dabs of bubble wrap in Potting Soil once the gesso was dry, as well as a fingertip stamp of the Carabelle stamp (don't put the stamp on a block, but just use fingertip to add tiny bits of the image).

To finish off, coloured texture paste was applied through the Arrows stencil - the top line of little arrows are a mix of texture paste and Watering Can ink applied with a fine brush. As before, the word was added using dry transfer lettering (you get this at the stationer's).

That's all for this week, but I look forward to seeing you next week - don't forget to share your makes on the FaceBook group page, I'd love to see what you make!

Lotte x

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  1. They are gorgeous Lotte, love the grungy look, and crackle on the first one, and your many wonderful details on both - God weekend til dig - :-) x

  2. Lotte, I totally agree with everything Dorthe (above) has already said! Anne x

  3. Gorgeous grungy effects on these Lotte and love the colours and all the amazing detail too.
    Fliss xx

  4. Fab tags , Lotte . Love the 'distressed ' look you have achieved and how each can stand alone claiming its own identity and yet they can come together in harmony. Tfs x


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