A Flower Blossoms by Dorthe Hansen


Sitting here writing this up  Monday 19th with the sun shining beautiful outside, 
I hope, that when this is seen by you in a week, we have more warm temperatures !!

This Monday post for That`s Crafty! shows me using a white/greyboard panel. I first painted with gesso and when dry, mixed the Bright Pink and White paint to a soft version and painted it over the
whole panel. After dry I stamped Black Archival with Fliss`s lovely flower stamp and drew a stem with black Sharpie and then also stamped one of the leaves in the collection.

The flower was then embossed with black embossing powder and then I draw details into the petals
using two different brown watercolor markers and also the leaf was painted the same way.

A piece of gauze was  painted with the pink mix and a bit of the brown watercolor marker 
was smeared out with water and then the gauze was adhered to left side of the panel.
The pink panel tone being a bit to sharp, for me, so I also added washes with the brown marker 
to add little shadows.

From my dear friend Lynne, I had received a big glassine envelope,
with gifts inside, which she herself had decorated with black 
stitches, running it through her sewing machine.

I tore the stitched parts off and used some of them to adhere to the sides, also the beautiful redish 
paper is from Lynne, and it was torn apart , to be adhered to the 3 sides.

I had an old music page laying around and from that, also adhered a few 
torn strips on top of the other papers. 
(if you have none of the mentioned papers, you can easily find other possibilities,
I`m sure, and find the music paper online.)

The last step was stamping with the great circle stamp from stamp set 3 Textures Collection 
and with the Oscar Wilde quote, (the last onto a rest of the music paper) from Fliss`s beautiful flower stamp set - 1. It was adhered to the gauze - holes made on top and a piece of
Sari Silk added to hang the panel and brown marker used, to define the red paper edges.

I think this is it - always long explanations from me - I guess it could be because I don`t know
the shortcut sentences in English lol.

Anyway I`m so happy if you followed me here and wishes you all 
the most lovely day.

Hugs and love


From my stash: Papers, gauze,sari silk, watercolor markers, embossing stamp pad, black embossing powder 

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  1. Gorgeous creation dear Dorthe. I really hope the warmth and spring will come to our northen parts soon!

    1. Me too, Melina, but yesterday we had loads of snow again!!
      Thank you for your sweet words. xoxo

  2. An absolutely gorgeous and wonderful creation Dorthe and so lovely to see my stamps in your signature neutral tones too. I really love all that amazing texture and detail on there and the way you turned my flourish into a leaf too, so clever.
    Thanks so much for making me smile today too and wishing you sunshine soon as we have here today.
    Fliss xxx

    1. Dear Fliss, thank you, I`m so happy you love it, also this Monday your flourish have been turned into a leaf , I hope you like the new use of your stamps :-)
      Today I can send you some sunshine, my friend. XXX

  3. Oh Dorthe - this is such a terrific make! You added so much personality to the stamp motifs and you brought even Lynne's gift to new life - what an artful hand!
    I love your project!
    oxo Susi

    1. Thank you Susi , your words mean a lot to me,- and I`m happy you love it- sending a hug,
      Dorthe, xoxo

  4. The layering you've done is genius. I always love music sheets - there's just something about them that take me back in time. You've done a magnificent job ... again!

    Happy crafting!

    1. Dear Sue, thank you for your kind words, makes me happy , you love it.
      I hope your Easter week have been blessed !!

  5. Beautiful to see so many different elements have brought this design together Dorthe, a delightful collection of new and recycled. I love how you have added the stitching from your dear friend Lynnes envelope and how you have introduced the Flowers of Fliss. All so lovely to see.
    Thank you for sharing another piece of art with us all.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

    1. Tracey, dear friend, thank you for your always lovely comments, you have always made yourself thoughts about what you see, and that I treasure .
      Hugs, Dorthe xoxo

  6. So very beautiful Dorthe! Love this color range and your fabulous texture. Hugs, Autumn

    1. Dear Autumn, thank you very much, and hugs to you from me- xo

  7. Beautifully built up with all the lovely elements
    Amanda x

    1. Thank you very much Amanda , Hugs and a lovely day to you !!
      Dorthe, xoxo

  8. Hello to you dear Dorthe~
    Please know I always appreciate your explanations of what you have done!
    Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful and I love your textures (as always)
    and the great imagination you have for crafting with style <3 Great work~ hugs, karen o

    1. Dear Karen , thank you, sometimes I wonder if any is reading my long explanations, and I`m happy to hear you do !!
      <3 Hugs to you - Dorthe xoxo

  9. Beautiful design sweet Dorthe with Fliss’s fab stamps. I love how you’ve used them in a vintage setting, you’re soooo clever
    Donna xx

    1. My dear lovely Donna, thank you so much - sending you wishes for a lovely day - Hugs, Dorthe,

  10. What a beautiful piece Dorthe! I just love that you use those special pieces from Lynne in your art,makes it even more from the heart!
    Those texture stamps are really neat- don't know if I have ever noticed these before!
    hugs,Jackie xx

    1. Thank you sweet Jackie, I too love the textures stamps , if you click the link it takes you there, so you can have a closer look !!!
      Hugs Dorthe, xoxox


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