Life & Nature: A Collage By Lynne Moncrieff


This week I am sharing a collage, a project which is very much about utilizing leftovers. On the day of making this, I only stamped the circles onto the panel, everything else had been stained, rusted, stamped previously. My leftovers and random fragments of this and that are very precious to me, allowing me to form a project when I might not be able to devote time and energy to the preparation. Of course, there is still time involved in assembling but I'm sure you all agree, this is therapeutic, time to lose yourself in the placement of each element.


That's Crafty! Surfaces MDF Panels Pack of 3 4.5x9"

That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set Textures Collection Set 1, Set 3
PaperArtsy Eclectica ELB 29
PaperArtsy Eclectica EAB04
Memento Ink Tuxedo BlackRich Cocoa
Plaid Folkart Rust Finish Kit
That's Crafty! Metallic Antique Gold Paint
Extras: Fibres, Stained Teabag, Re-cycled Corrugated Cardboard, Wood Button, Handmade Paper


Randomly apply Gesso to MDF panel.  My go to, previously, was baby wipes but by accident, made the discovery that a foam brush brings beautiful texture with no extra effort. I allow some of the  MDF surface to peek through.

There is a story to what happened next - I laid the panel aside to dry and meantime was playing with Infusions onto a different substrate.  Only noticing it during tidying up, it appears that as I misted the other panel with water, some of the Infusions carried their way in the air and onto this panel! A happy accident as I like the flecks of colour and doubt if I will be able to replicate this.

Stamp circles onto the substrate then assemble the collage. The beautiful PaperArtsy ELB leaf stamp is stamped onto a piece of tea stained teabag. I work with large self-fill teabags which have more scope as a stamping surface. Layered to a panel of book text, which is further layered to torn re-cycled corrugated cardboard packaging with Rust Finish applied with a light touch of Antique Gold applied with fingertips, once the rust has taken hold. Utilizing all pieces of found papers, including another piece of previously stamped, stained teabag paper. This brings balance and harmony to the upper edge of the focal area.

Another piece of the prepared re-cycled corrugated cardboard was layered beneath a stamped quote from another PaperArtsy set, this time EAB04, stamped onto tea stained teabag paper.

The panel was simply but hopefully, sympathetically adorned with loose fibres and fragments of eco dyed papers, handmade paper with a lovely feathery appearance and wooden button.

Thank you for your visit!

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  1. This is another gorgeous piece, Lynn. Keep 'em coming!

  2. It is so beautiful, everything harmonizes so wonderful Lynne,- even the flecks landing there, by accident .Love what you did, and the quote , too. xxx

  3. Gorgeous collage. Love all the tactile layered elements and the leaf is the perfect natural focal element . Tracy x

  4. Such a beautiful make Lynne and as I said I love all the natural elements you have created x Fabulous work

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie x

  5. Enjoyed reading through your process. Love the composition, your creation makes me happy when i look at it. Thanks.

  6. Love your collage Lynne, another celebration of nature. Beautiful quote a fitting match for your project.
    Warmest of wishes Tracey x

  7. Really love this beauty Lynne, so much gorgeous texture from the stained papers and the simplicity of the stamped leaf lifts the piece so wonderfully as a homage to nature.
    Fliss xx

  8. Such a beautiful creation Lynne, I always love spotting all the tiny details
    Donna xx

  9. Absolutely exquisite Lynne!! Oh my goodness I could look at this forever!
    Your creativeness with organics just overwhelms my senses- just amazes me my friend!
    Jackie xx

  10. Wonderful! Love the little specks of Infusions!Chrisx

  11. Only just caught this now - simply beautiful, Lynne - perfect leftovers!
    Alison x


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