Flower Fantasy Shelter by Dorthe Hansen


Hello friends, I`m happy to be back, again, this time showing one of 
the little uprights in MDF and how I used it.

The panel and foot first had green tulle (could be any kind of thin fabric or even paint)
adhered and then I used the stencil on top left side of panel to create light and interest.
I used the Texture Paste and let it stay white when it had dried. 

The fun and so sweet new flower girl from Melina`s sheet, was
stamped onto copy paper and then adhered to thicker card stock. She was 
stamped with Archival Sepia and then painted with a mix of white and
a tiny bit of blue, to give her the softest tone of blue. Then I went over her with white and tried
to make the paint stand out from her, to create like little raised spots.

A mushroom from a Bits and Pieces sheet and a Funky Flower, too, were painted with 
the soft blue-brown mixed with white and a little Mustard Yellow, mixed with Bright Red.
When dry, both were given raised spots too and I draw details onto the mushroom,
with a brown fineliner. Miss Tulip got yellow cheeks and red lips and adhered to the panel.
On top of her I added left over scraps of tissue, in green tones and went over it with the
mustard/red mix. 

To add the mushroom to the foot I adhered a piece of cardboard to its back and let it form an l-shape by bending it so I was able to adhere the bended part to the foot. The flower was adhered to the right side panel and on the foot. Fianlly I adhered bark pieces, from nature.
I always collect pieces from the ground, when walking :-)

Here the sun shines beautifully today and even it is ice cold it gives new hopes, seeing it on the sky.
Have a wonderful week all.

Hugs and love

Materials used

From my own stash: leftover green tissue paper, nature bark, green tulle, cardstock for foot

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  1. Oh Dorthe, it's as if you have found Miss Tulip deep within the forest. Those sage and browns camouflage her well but with her bright cheeks glowing she is happy you have discovered her. I adore your mini walk amongst nature. Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful start to the week.
    Warmest of hugs Tracey xx

    1. Tracey, thank you so much, I love how you "read" my story, like we were there together, :-) . I feel gifted reading your words, dear friend.
      Hoping for a wonderful start to your own week, and sending you big warmest hugs - Dorthe xx

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Robin, thank you so much, friend of mine .

  3. Replies
    1. So happy you do, Melina - thank you , dear- Hugs - xx , Dorthe

  4. Ooooh another beautiful tribute to nature Dorthe, I love this one
    Donna xx

    1. Thank you Donna, dear friend- Big hugs, xx- Dorthe

  5. This is absolutely adorable Dorthe. Such lovely texture and detail and the sweet flower image looks so at home in your wonderful garden.
    Fliss xx

    1. Thank you Fliss, you are so kind,- I`m happy you like her, :-)
      Hugs, xx

  6. Oh Dorthe this is absolutely delightful, so rustic and totally stunning! That beautiful flower image is just perfect to hold pride of place next to the other woodland elements, so creative and fabulous, - wonderful!!!

    1. Astrid , thank you , so much, for your comment, which made me very glad , dear friend. xx

  7. Love this wonderful upright and miss Tulip looks so happy in amongst those rustic details and mushrooms x TFS and best wishes
    Annie x

    1. Thank you Annie, for your kind visit, and kind words,
      Best wishes to you, too- Dorthe, xx

  8. This is really incredible Dorthe and I just love the woodsy feel and amazing texture you've conjured up! <3 Hugs, Autumn

    1. Autumn, thank you very much- for your kind words - So glad you like it. Hugs from Dorthe- <3

  9. This is precious Dorthe! Wonderful!

  10. Omgoodness Dorthe!!
    This is so wonderfully magical! I love the mushrooms-huge fan- and your tulip girl is so sweet and whimsical! And she reminds me of Spring! I adore this piece!
    Jackie xo

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