These Wings Belong to Me by Dorthe Hansen


Hello dear friends, another winter Monday and still not 
having had a lot of snow here, my mood made me create this more 
autumn like panel.
(So grey here today, that my photos, don`t show the more warm tea tones )

I first painted the elongated panel with a blend of brown and white 
Multi Surface Paint, when dry I used the feather stencil, stenciling 5
of the feathers, using Light Texture Paste.While drying, I emptied a dried 
tea bag and carefully opened it up. It was torn to 4 pieces and adhered to the panel.

Onto another bigger, fill yourself tea bag, gifted me from my dear friend Lynne, 
I first painted the upper side very light tan, (again a mix of White and Brown) and when it was dry, used the lovely bird stencil, with  Distress Oxide Frayed Burlap - I draw around the bird with a brown fine liner added inside details too and with Bright Orange Multi Surface Paint, white and black Posca pens as well.

The feathers were also painted with the tan and orange paint, and added details with brown
and white pens.

On right side and on top of the tea bag, I stenciled the wonderful tree, using 
Archival Ink Coffee - a piece of Sari silk doubles for a branch for the bird to sit 
and beneath a piece of canvas, I had lying around, rusted with tea and rust. 

Inside the big teabag, I put a dried nature found - it could be little 
dried straws too, found on a walk. 
The bird not really aware its still winter, carries string to start building a nest and a piece
of bark, adhered to left side, gives a yet more rustic look to it all.

On top panel I stamped, the title using Lynne`s Affirmation, 
a piece of seam binding from my stash was added, as a hanger, after 
punching two holes with the Crop-A-Dile.
I think this finishes it and hope you like it.

Wishing you a lovely week. 
Next week I will not be here, but will return soon. 
Love and hugs,
from Dorthe 

Materials used:
From my stash: Seam binding, Canvas, Sari silk, used tea bag, unused big fill self teabag 
From Nature: Found dried thin twigs and bark 

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  1. I love this project! It's so tactile and so captures the beauty of nature even on a winter's day. xx

    1. Thank you Julie, so glad you love it,- xx

  2. Beautiful piece, adore the bird and the calm feeling of the overall piece. Wonderfully natural. Tracy x

    1. Tracy, thank you so much, happy you like the nature feeling, which I tried to create - xx

  3. A joyous creation Dorthe, so much to see and the need to touch your mixture of media's. Your bird is painted so delicately, i'm sure she is taking in the glorious scene around her.
    Wishing you well and Thank you for sharing your little piece of nature.
    Warmest of hugs Tracey xx

    1. Thank you dear Tracey, so proud you say I painted her delicately, and that like her.
      I hope this day showed you happy hours, warmest hugs to you, too, my friend. xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much kære Melina , Hugs from Dorthe, xx

  5. Wow that's amazing Dorthe - such a natural mixed media art is terrific!

    1. Thank you Susi , so much- natural mixed media I think is my favorite thing to create !! xx

  6. THis is really beautiul Dorthe, a breath of nature in the current dreary weather and you really do bring your stencilled elements to life with the drawing and painting too. A wonderful creation with all the textured embellishing.
    Fliss xx

    1. Dear Fliss, thank you so much, - yest the weather currently is really dreary , isen`t it,- thank you for your kindness .
      Hugs, xx

  7. Dorthe Dear your wonderful omage to Nature and Sweet little Birdies is beautiful...even in the dreary Winter. I especially love how you put nest material in the tea bag. Creative Bliss...<3

    1. Dear Sherry , thank you my friend, you know I`m hopeless,just have to add nature fibers, where ever I can find a proper place :-) Hugs to you. <3

  8. I soooooo LOVE this beautiful homage to nature Dorthe, you create the most wonderful and amazing artwork that offers a glimpse into the soul of nature.
    Donna xx

    1. Dear Donna, thank you for your lovely comment, you say it so beautifully.
      Sending you hugs, dear lady. xx

  9. You may see Autumn but I think Spring. Maybe that's because that's what I am wishing for right now!?! Either season, this piece is just delightful. Enjoy your week away and waiting for your return.

    Happy day!

    1. Thank you Sue, today it is more spring here, as you say, mild and sunny , I too love all seasons. Have a lovely week, friend.
      Hugs, xo

  10. Stunning layers and wintry neutrals combine to give that wonderful little bird a perfect setting. An amazing piece, Dorthe.
    Alison x

  11. Just beautiful, Dorthe, your love for nature shines through every gorgeous creation of yours. xx

  12. Dorthe, You created a scene from nature for us to sit in our cosy homes and study, this wee bird as it continues to gather material for its home. The use of the stencils is fabulous, you make a stencil do the work of a stamp - wonderful detail and character to the bird and also the feathers.
    Lynne xx


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