Talk about a Statement by Moira Sutton


I think I can speak for the whole of the That’s Crafty! Design Team when I say we are all beyond excited to be taking part in this collaboration with the Relics and Artifacts Ambassadors.

I must say a special thanks to Lynne Moncrieff and Sandra Evertson for making this collaboration happen and a big thank you to all the Relics and Artifacts team.

We have a week of fabulous projects coming up, starting Monday 24th April and ending on Sunday 30th April. The week will showcase how fantastically well the Relics and Artifacts and That’s Crafty! Surfaces work together.

Each day there will be a post from a That’s Crafty! Design Team member and a Relics and Artifacts Ambassador and the blog posts will go live every day at 11.00am GMT and 6.00am EST.

We hope you will join in the collaboration each day, as there will be two very special prizes! One lucky winner will receive a Gift Certificate for £25 from That’s Crafty! and the other lucky winner will receive 3 sets of Relics and Artifacts Matte Resin Craft Blanks of their choice, from Relics and Artifacts!

Here’s what you have to do for a chance to win:

1. Visit both blogs each day and leave a comment.

2. Become a follower of the That’s Crafty! blog.
It’s that easy! The winners will be picked at random on Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

We have a fantastic project from Moira to start off our collaboration.

Relics and Artifacts Imperial Eggs and Chandelier Pendants
Prima Stencil 569419
Pebeo Dyna Paints - Orange/Yellow, Red/Blue Violet/Blue and Blue /Green
Vintaj Brass Sparrow
Assorted Charms

I do love wearing jewellery, but being built on the well upholstered side, small necklaces tend to get lost on me, mainly down the cleavage!  So I wondered “just how big can I go with a piece of statement jewellery?” and this is the result.

I gave the Arch Upright a coat if texture paste through the stencil. When dry I added the orange/yellow, violet/blue and red/blue paints, with the gold wax around the edge and over the raised stencil area.

I gave the egg a coat of the blue/green paint then stamped the dots with Versamark around the base of the egg, added the Stamp n Bond, heated it and applied the gold foil. I attached the egg to the Upright. I coloured the Sparrow with the violet blue paint and added a hint of the gold wax and attached it to the egg. 

Although the necklace was a good size I felt it needed more so I coloured the Chandelier with the same Dyna paints as the Upright and coloured a small bird charm with the green/blue paint and gold wax and attached it to the Chandelier and attached that to the upright. 

Two holes drilled into the Upright allowed me to string ribbon to hang the necklace and finally a gold crown charm completed the project.

Now I just need to find the right outfit to wear this piece with, maybe black is best to set it off. 

Please hop over to the Relics and Artifacts blog to see Chrissy's fantastic project.


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  1. What a wonderful start too! Congrats everyone for this week of wonderful creations ;)
    Donna xx

  2. Wow Moira! This really is totally amazing, so beautifully detailed and colourful and a fantastic start to the collaboration week as well.
    Fliss xx

  3. lovely Moira, what a great start to the week.
    Carol x

  4. Wow Moira! Monday morning statement is spectacular! Go girl. Rocking it!

  5. So fantastic Moira! You rocked this!!!!

  6. Well done, Moira! I giggled at the jewelry getting lost in the cleavage bit.

  7. Fab piece of jewellery ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Moira! This necklace makes a fabulous statement! And as someone who's also on the "well-upholstered" side, your post really made my day! Xo

  9. Fabulous art jewellery Moira! A great start to the week!

  10. What a wonderful piece. Great use of both product lines and definitely a statement!! I know we've all been waiting for this week and it's so exciting that it's finally here. Way to start it off with a bang!!! ��������❤️❤️����

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Fabulous Chris's you x Thank you for sharing.

  13. Fantastic collaboration. You've started the week of with a magnificent piece Moira. Look forward to catching each creation every day xx

  14. Moira, Bravo! Stunning piece of wearable art and let's hope you find that outfit ASAP so you can wear this :)
    Lynne x


  15. This is stunning! wow, what a fabulous piece!

  16. Great make Moira and a LBD to set it off would be just FAB xx

  17. This is so wonderful! I love everything about it!

  18. Absolutely stunning Moira, a fabulous piece to start what I am sure will be a week of stunning makes
    Amanda x

  19. Wonderful start Moira - an inspired use of the dinky arch! Nikki x

  20. I love this!!! I think if you're going to wear a necklace make a statement!! The colors are so lush and go beautifully together... at first glance I thought the chandelier pendant was covered in velvet!

  21. This is one awesome statement necklace! The colours and detail are amazing - I am inspired to make some neck art myself! Amazing! It will look so incredibly cool when you wear it, especially with black as you said! xxx

  22. Unable to log on at relics site can't follow either. So couldn't comment yesterday. A bit upset really. Managed to comment as a guest there today. Still can't follow????

    1. I'll amend the wording Jan as when I wrote the original posts I didn't realise the R&A blog was a different format. You will still be entered into the competitions.

  23. I thought I commented on this yesterday, but can't seem to see my comment so I'll try again! I think this is beautiful - such a powerful statement and it would definitely look amazing with a black outfit. :)

  24. Amazing wearable art - I love the birds swooping back and forth.
    Alison x

  25. I love seeing artwork that is functional too! What an amazing piece of jewelry! I had a good laugh at your need to make it more noticeable! I love that egg!

  26. Wow, Moira..what a spectacular accessory. It would be great for a fashion shoot!

  27. Wow! Moira! What a beautiful piece of jewelry! Absolutely love the birds, they make the piece seem wistful!
    Jackie xx


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