My Journey Is My Story by Lynne Moncrieff


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It's the final day of our collaboration and I just want to say a very big thank you to Sandra and all the Relics and Artifacts Ambassadors for such a fantastic week.

It's Lynne's turn on our blog today with an absolutely amazing project
to finish the collaboration week.

Well, we are nearing the end of what has been a fabulous week of collaboration projects from Relics & Artifacts Ambassadors and That’s Crafty! D.T. 

If you have not managed to visit the daily posts, there is still time to do so, here and at Sandra Evertson’s Muse.

Today it is my turn to share my collaboration project. Earlier this week, I shared my first collaboration project, as a Relics & Artifacts Ambassador, over at Sandra Evertson’s Muse and today is my turn with my That’s Crafty! D.T. hat on!

Apologies for this post being text and photo heavy but I used various media and different elements on the Upright. Throughout the text, I share the relevance of individual elements.


That’s Crafty! Surfaces MDF Upright Torn Edge, Acrylic ATC
Relics & Artifacts Archival Resin Cast - Rising Spirit III, Facia Familiaris, Milagros
PaperArtsy Infusions - Sleight Blue, Rusty Car
Idea-ology Clip, Swivel Clasp


Bezel (Spellbinders)
ICE Resin
ICED Enamels Ivory
Enamel Medium and Paper Sealer
Corrugated Cardboard/Found Papers
Various Vintage Laces
Calico Scrap
Resin Paper
Rusty Tin Wire
Baby Wipes


The “My Story” which is from one of my Affirmations, along with my selection of the Relics & Artifacts Facia Familiaris collection, inspired the notion that in life, our stories are our journey and our journeys become our stories. 


It was impossible to share photos for each step, especially items which had been prepared as part of other batches of items, so apologies if it is difficult to follow. Eagle eyes will spot that I rusted two MDF hearts but I decided not to use them – that’s the way I roll, I often prepare extra items but they won’t make the actual cut! 

Upright Surface

Prepare upright with Gesso followed with Infusions, misting generously with water. With a medium bristle brush (I use an old, bashed up brush), apply Rust Finish, almost a stippling action, applying also to base and edges of Upright. Add some touches of Midnight. With an almost dried out baby wipe, pick up some of the Titanium White, almost a Scumbling effect. Lay Upright aside. 

Acrylic ATC (It represents her looking back to the stories in her life. Through time, some of those memories/stories will become rusty).

I already had a piece of resin paper in my stash. Peel off one protective cover from acrylic ATC. With Gel Medium, adhere prepared resin paper. Once dry, tear off excess resin paper at edges, aim for raggedy effect. If edges are too sharp, file them. Turn ATC over, again removing protective cover. Apply Rust Finish, particularly focusing on edges. A small amount of Midnight Fresco can be added to darken edges – not too much.

Relics & Artifacts (In life, we all have our struggles and for some, they are daily hurdles. Wings are spread, making the most of what life brings to them. They are also a symbol of bravery, of not letting struggles define the person. They will try to soar above them). 

Womans Head and Hand (The hand is reaching out, prepared for the next story in her life)

Apply smallest amount of Grunge Paste before applying Buff and Midnight, ensuring both pieces are covered completely. Before this dries, wipe off with a baby wipe, leaving an aged effect. 


Apply Rust Finish to both wings and small amount of Midnight. To finish, dip baby wipe into Titanium White, dabbing onto each wing. 


This was pre-made, intended for another project (a completely different project but it was sacrificed as it was exactly what I needed!). Medium was applied to the bezel before applying ICED Enamels, melting with heat gun. Onto Gesso’ed book text, an Affirmation was stamped. Paper Sealer was applied before placing half the Affirmation into bezel, before applying ICE Resin. An Idea-ology Clip also had ICED Enamel treatment.

Corrugated Cardboard, Laces, etc (The layers throughout, represent the layers in our lives).

For variation, apply Gesso to naked corrugated cardboard before applying Infusions. I also like to dab a dirty paintbrush (one I’ve been using with Rust Finish) followed with touches of Gesso as a top layer.

Apply Rust Finish to torn vintage crochet lace, scrap calico and Swivel Clasp. 


. Once the various layers were adhered, clip was attached to edge of corrugated cardboard panel with Swivel Clasp attached (I rubbed some Rust Finish onto this). A gathering of prepared lace, stained sari ribbon and rusted calico scrap with Journey stamped onto it. 

.  A small detail, chain attached to bezel and wrapped around wrist of hand.  A scrap of vintage lace mimics a cuff. 

.  Rusty tin wire is wrapped around Upright, near to the base.

Thank You for your visit, especially if you persevered to the end – I really do appreciate you taking time to read this post and please head on over to the Relics and Artifacts blog where they have a round up of all their fantastic projects that have featured this week.

Remember, there are two, generous prizes from Relics & Artifacts and That’s Crafty!, up for grabs!



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  1. Another stunning creation Lynne xx

  2. A wonderful piece to end a fabulous week of awesomeness, creativity and inspiration. Thank you so much! xxx

  3. Lynne,
    Your attention to details and meticulous rusting on this piece are outstanding! I believe your grungy/vintagey look pair perfectly with the facia familiaris and your affirmations. Exquisite representation of
    "Our Journey" .
    Jackie xx

    1. Thank you everyone here at That's Blogging Crafty for a week chock full of artsy goodness and fabulous inspiration! Well done everyone!
      Best to you all,
      Jackie xo

    2. Thank you Jackie, that's really very kind of you, we're happy to have inspired you :)
      Donna xx

  4. Thank you for sharing the process and her story x AWESOME !! xxx

  5. Stunning piece and I loved reading about the symbolism behind it. It really looks like an ancient relic. Thanks for sharing your wonderful techniques, Lynne.

  6. What a stunner to finish off the week.....Lynne you're the rust Queen!
    Donna xx

  7. Such fabulous effects! A marvellous piece of art Lynne!

  8. A rusty masterpiece! Thank you Lynne for a wonderful, inspirational ending to an amazing week.

  9. This is really stunning Lynne, amazing texture and rusted effects.
    Fliss xx

  10. What a beautiful piece, Lynne, so full of wonderful symbolism and delightful effects. I love the rust and all the marvellous detail. What a great combination of That's Crafty and R and As this has been. Thank You to you and all the design team for a week of inspiration! xx

  11. Lynne,
    Well your wings have certainly spread and have allowed your creativity to soar! You continually amaze me with your inventive masterpieces and stories that accompany them!! Thank you for all that you do and for lending us your talents!

    And Thank You to the Entire That's Crafty! Team for joining us on this Collective Creative Adventure!! Art has beautifully connected us. I want to Thank Each and Everyone of you for sharing your work and talents with us!! Bravo!!

  12. What a sensational piece Lynne.. I love your breakdown in words and pictures, something I am guilty of myself but I believe is most informative at times. I have loved each and everyone of the designers pieces during collaboration week and like many others have been truly inspired, although the week has come to an end I have taken so much knowledge away with me from you all.. Thank you xx

  13. A rusty masterpiece to finish a fab week
    Amanda x

  14. wow wow wow Lynne - this looks amazing - so much depth and that rust looks fantastic! Love this! Hugs rachel x

  15. Fabulous rusty grunge, Lynne - and the distressing on the Relics is so effective - they look like something kept in the attic for years, or buried in the garden.
    Alison x

  16. I meant also to say thanks to all involved for a whole week of really exciting, inspirational posts.
    Alison x

  17. Exceptional rust and decay! Thank you for an amazing week of inspiration here at That's Crafty! Now that I'm an official subscriber of Relics and Artifacts, I'm off to see if I can catch up on my comments there! A bonus is, I get to see all the projects again!

  18. Well, I'm not sure why I can't log in to comment (I am a subscriber, according to the e-mail I received.), but I did give it the old college try, and more than once, I might add. This is somewhat frustrating, especially after attempting to leave long comments at each post over the course of the week. I hope I will still be considered in the entries.

  19. Wow Lynne, I think you saved the best to the last, this piece is a wonderfully inspired creation, the rusting is just incredible. You really are a wonderful Ambassador for Relics and Artifacts, you always show them off to their best advantage!! xx

  20. As always rustic, vintage and beautiful!

  21. This is totally fantastic Lynne x I love the aged appeal...looks like it has been around for thousands of years. Love the tones, texture and rusty/patina'd appeal. Thanks for sharing an amazing step by step xxxxx
    Annie x


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