Dare like No Other by Moira Suton


A clean up page from my Journal
Pebeo Dyna Paints – Red Blue, Violet Blue and Orange Yellow

I do love to use my clean up pages to start a new journal page. This one had various colours of paint brush strokes where I had been cleaning brushes. Then I had quite a bit of various Dyna Paints left over from another project so the pages then got a full coat.  Later when I had extra black texture paste to use up an old jar I added the stencilling.

Finally when it came to make a journal page I knocked back the black texture with some more Dyna Paint. I knew I wanted a hit of teal to work against the background so I heat embossed Tracy Scott’s flowers and began colouring with the Lindys Sprays, but as all the colours were out my hand went to other colours and suddenly I had a very colourful garden. I cut them out, and adhered to the page.  
I stamped one of Lynne’s fabulous affirmations, but by leaving out a couple of the words created a new phrase which fitted my mood. A reminder perhaps to not chicken out of life’s challenges even when sometimes all you really want to do is curl up under the duvet! 


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  1. Gorgeously colourful pages Moira and love how the mops ups came in so useful for these beauties.
    Fliss xx

  2. Wow! Brilliant colours again, love these pages
    Amanda x

  3. Beautiful page Moira, bursting with colour. I do love those stamped images.. Hugs Tracey xx

  4. Beautiful explosion of yummy colour
    Donna xx


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