Dream Art by Lynne Moncrieff


This week I am sharing another sample made for Stitches. This time, instead of a shrine, it is the frame of the shrine, layered to a That’s Crafty! white/greyboard, which I discovered was the perfect size when paired with the largest shrine’s frame.

This project is about how we all dream art and how creating art inspires us all.

(NB – I didn’t have enough That’s Crafty! white/greyboard tags and time was against me for ordering more, so I hand cut two tags from one of the white/greyboard panels)


That's Crafty! Surfaces White/Greyboard Panel – 8”x10” (if handcutting tags – 2 panels will be required)
PaperArtsy Lin Brown Stamp Sets – ELB30, ELB32, ELB33
Stabilo Black Watersoluble Pencil
Extras: Mop-up/under paper, vintage button, cotton thread


After applying Gesso to frame and panels (my preference but not essential), apply Grunge Paste to frame. Once dry, apply Infusions to both panels, misting generously with water, allowing colour to drip downwards. Leave to dry (you can use a heat tool but I prefer to leave to air dry).

Prepare MDF heart with Gesso followed with crackle paste and Infusions. To the wing, apply with fingertips, Grunge Paste, applying only randomly and not covering the complete wing. Again, stain with Infusions.

Now all elements are dry, first, add stamping to one of the white/greyboard panels and frame. Add white paint pen details. Adhere frame to this panel. 

For second panel, hand-cut two tags (or use That’s Crafty! white/greyboard tags). Stencil a word onto each tag. Add details with random stamping, layering of torn pieces of mop-up papers and doodling with pens. Layer, with more torn pieces of mop-up paper to the prepared frame. 

To top of frame, adhere the prepared heart and wing, embellishing with stamped word and vintage button.

Finally, stamp words (taken from That’s Crafty! stamps – so many useful words within those Inspirational Quotes), adhering to artwork, within the frame.

If you take a look at the shrines, you will see there are a variety of styles and sizes.

Until next time,



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  1. Oh my goodess me, this is stunning!!!

  2. An absolute vintage style stunner Lynne! Just love all that grunge and the wonderful attention to detail.
    Fliss xx

  3. It is a stunning and so beautiful piece. I loved the details on your wing and the crackled heart, and also the amazing way your tags looks, and how they nests in the frame. Gorgeous colors dear Lynne, and wow, your mop-up papers. Beautiful, beautiful !! xx

  4. Absolutely wonderful, these shrines are truly amazing aren't they ;)
    Donna xx

  5. Beautiful - love the layers of soft colour.
    Alison x


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