The Water Garden by Moira Sutton



Posca Pens – Black and White (coming VERY soon to That's Crafty!)

I just love these new shape it seems to me it would fit just about any style. I have gone for a sort of melted stained glass look.

I began by heat embossing the stamps on the reverse side of the acrylic splat. Although you can heat emboss on the acrylic, you will need to generously use your anti-static bag, and really check it had adhered, some bits of mine did float free when I added colour.

Next add colour simply by dripping the stain where you want it. When I have used the stains on acrylic previously I had used the embossing as a barrier to coral the colours, but this time I wanted a much more fluid look and as the colours met and merged they sort of flowed. The stains do take overnight to cure and no you can not rush it with a heat gun, this is one of those just put it away and come back tomorrow things.

The next day I used my Posca pens to fill in a couple of places where the embossing had floated free and on the front to add extra spots and doodles.

The picture shows the front, so all the stamping and stains are on the reverse but the Posca pen on the front. 


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  1. An absolutely stunning creation Moira, such beautiful colours and lovely stamping too.
    Fliss xx

  2. This is my new favourite also Moira. Love what you've done with it
    Amanda x

  3. Stunning, this looks like a very expensive piece of glass artwork
    Donna xx

  4. This almost shimmers and as Donna says,it looks like a piece of glass art.
    Lynne x


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