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Hope you are all well. Ingrid here with some inspiration. If you like me are preparing for the upcoming festivities, then you will appreciate today's post. 

Christmas season is an expensive time and I don't know about you, but older I get (not that I am old), more I appreciate the simple things in life. It was all glam, high heels, make up, partying, work and fun, work and fun... nowadays, it's all about comfort! I became a creature of comfort and I take pleasure in the simple things. Not that I didn't before… it just comes more naturally to me now. I also like to spend my money on the things that matters and that I can use, reuse and keep for a long time. And if I can't afford it or simply refuse to send my hard-earned cash on it then I tend to improvise and make it myself. Not only that recycling and up-cycling is good for the world, but there is something very satisfying about giving a used item a new purpose in life, especially when it looks pretty! Sometimes you just need something simple to embellish and add a touch of sparkle and I found a few perfect embellishments for my projects in the online shop… the little greyboard snowflakes and stags.

Today, I'd like to show you how I used a few tools and products to create some holiday decor for my craft room... using an old sweater and a few jars... 

I made a little slideshow for you to show you how to create such candle cozie…

Video URL:

….and here are some more photos…

How simple is to create a fun snowflake garland. Just add some glue dots on the back of the snowflake and attach to a jute twine. I love them as they come. The colour is gorgeous and very natural so I left them as they were.

I also created a sparkly candle holders. Simply brush some Mod Podge in the inside of a glass tumbler, cover in Vintage Platinum Glitter and allow to dry completely.

Another option is to create a fun frosted glass candle holder with a silicon stencil and a Frosting Glaze by PaperArtsy. Here’s how to:

It’s important to remove any leftover adhesive, then de-grease the glass with alcohol and allow to dry before applying your stencil or frosting glaze.

I also created a fun wintery pen holder which I embellished with those gorgeous snowflakes from That's Crafty! as well. Here's the slideshow for you...

Video URL:

More photos of both projects and I had a plenty of sweater for the good ol' cushion! Ha! 

I have set up my You Tube channel where I will be sharing these little #10mindiy projects and other full tutorials in 2017 so if you would like to see more please feel free to subscribe so the video pops up in your feed when I upload. You can also follow me via my blog Ingrid Kristina V Designs where I also share my projects made for magazines (a big year round up is coming up!) or my other socials like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest where I will share my cardmaking, mixed media, planner and diy projects and all around inspiration. Thank you!

I hope you will be brave and chop up those old sweaters and create some magic in your home this Christmas! Right, I'm off to make the hot cocoa... ;) 

Until next time... stay creative! 

Ingrid xxx

Supplies list:

Wow! Embossing Glitter – Seaglass (could substitute for Vintage Peacock)
Heat Gun – you can use Heat It Craft Tool by Ranger
DecoArt, Adhesive Stencils (could substitute for Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils)

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  1. Some really lovely ideas there Ingrid and thanks so much for sharing them.
    Fliss xx

  2. What a stunning post,some really cool and inspiring ideas here Inka ;)
    Donna xx


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