Keeper of the Castle by Lynne Monrieff


You might have managed to watch the HOCHANDA shows on Monday when Lauren Hatwell not only showcased new That’s Crafty! products, she also carried out some amazing demos.

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be sharing one of the samples I worked on. This week I am sharing the fabulous MDP Triptych Castle. I know I might seem biased but in all honesty, the quality of the products are incredible – smooth edges and the MDF will take any media. I applied Gesso, water, heat, texture paste, Gel Medium and there was no sign of warping.

The supply list might look lengthy but many of those pieces were extras I happened to choose to add, bits ‘n’ pieces lying around. 


That's Crafty! Dinky Stencils - Abstract Stones, Distressed Harlequin Background
Infusions:- Black Knight, Violet Storms
Gilding Wax – Treasure Gold
UHU Solid Glue Stick
Copper Satin Fabric
Rusty Tin Wire
Rusted Fabric Scraps
Sari Ribbon – Stained with Infusions
Prima Dresden
French Book Pages


Prepare the MDF with Gesso. Adhere torn pieces of book text to the panels. Apply clear Gesso followed by applying the Frank Garcia powders and a hint of Infusions, misting with water, allowing to drip down the panels. Ink up text stamps from Castle Keep, stamping onto the panels in random patches. Stamp LPC stamps onto tissue paper, tear and adhere with a UHU stick (or favoured adhesive). Apply, again, in random patches Grunge Paste with stencils, building up texture and applying more of the powders and Infusions.

On the rear, follow the above steps except don’t stamp any images onto tissue paper, stamp only text.

Returning to the front panels. I happened to have a piece of stamped paperclay (an LPC) which I simply painted and trimmed with Dresden which had been “painted” with the Frank Garcia powders then rubbed with Gilding Wax. Adhere to one of the doors. I also happened to have a piece of rusted fabric. After staining a piece of cardstock with the Frank Garcia powders, I stamped a sentiment from Castle Keep, this was layered onto the rusted fabric pieces and adhered to the front door. Rusted tin wire coiled and placed over the O of the Once. 

Attach the doors with rusted tin wire threaded through the holes. Copper fabric torn into strips and seam binding stained with the Frank Garcia powders were also thread through the holes.

Final touches - Rusted Paste was applied to Dresden Trim and used to embellish the main stamped image along with two torn pieces of the copper fabric.

Until next week,



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  1. Wonderful make so much detail and retest fabulous

  2. Your decoration of the castle is superb Lynne, that random stone stencil is perfect for this project and really does bring the castle to life. The stamping is wonderful, I love all the images you used! Anne x

  3. This is so beautiful Lynne and the amount of detail on here is just stunning!
    Fliss xx

  4. Dear Lynne, studying your photos close up, gives so many wonderful details ,to admire. The stamped banner, the wonderful stenciled brick wall, on the back, and the gorgeous "rusted" Dresden Trim.The dinky stencils creating wonders both inside and outside, with the help of your clever hands.I love the papers and stamps you used ,and your castle is fabulous, dear .
    Dorthe, xx

  5. Just trying to catch up after a break x not literally just to see family !!!

    Wonderful details and textures as always Lynne fabulous layers of various mediums and stamping finished with perfect adornments

    TFS and best wishes. Missed Hochanda but will look out for more shows

    Annie x

  6. ooo I adore this Lynne - absolutely brilliant! Hugs rachel x

  7. Beautifully done Lynne fabulous textures.
    Amanda x

  8. Absolutely loved this one, really atmospheric creation
    Donna xx

  9. Simply breathtaking Lynne! xxx

  10. What a fantastic castle! I adore those ladies from LP and I am voting for that Distressed Harlequin stencil to win the Best of the Year stencil! I so admire the way you use all those wonderful dinky stencils. The stones are such a perfect pair-up with this triptych. You must have tubs full of "bits 'n' pieces"! You always seem to have just the right things to dress up your pieces. The rusty material, the rusty wire, the bit of stamped paper clay that you have dressed up with the Dresden trim and added to the door are such wonderful additions to the piece that really sets the tone for a royal finish! Love it, Lynne! Thanks once again for sharing with us! inkybru xx

  11. This is utterly fantastic! A dream on paper.

  12. I'm enchanted by the quiet mood of repose that this piece evokes, Lynne. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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