A Wandering Leaf by Lynne Moncrieff



It takes very few supplies to turn the Eco Printed papers into a collage.  Of course the papers can simply be taken from the pack and used as they are but there are so many possibilities when applying media to the paper to make the Eco Prints your very own. With the application of Acrylic Liquid Wax, the aim was to create a dreamy, wandering sense to the Eco Printed paper. 



Adhere the selected Eco Printed paper to the MDF panel. Allow this to dry before applying Liquid Acrylic Wax, then before this dries, spraying Walnut Ink onto the panel, focusing on upper area then leaving to settle before flicking on Interference Gold Paint.  Allow this to dry before applying more Liquid Acrylic Wax to the panel. You will probably notice that crackles may appear to form with this top layer of Liquid Acrylic Wax but for me this adds a beautiful texture.  

Onto scrap paper (this was deli paper), stamping the words To Wander from the Dried Botanicals stamp set and the other piece of stamping was a piece left over from a Dried Botanicals Shadowbox project.

Final touches, adding to the leaf design, a cluster of muslin scraps sprayed with Walnut Ink and a button, allowing the thread tails to hang loose.

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