Monday, 2 August 2021

Drink Me by Rachel Harries


This week I've been inspired by Alice and in particular, Stamperia Alice Collection. I start by using a Mould and Pentart Glass Resin to cast my moulds.

I also pick the paper I want to use from the pad including the rather handy frame and playing cards.

I paint my resin pieces with some black gesso.

I pop these to one side to work on the Art Shrine.

I use the papers to decorate the shrine, I mitre the corners using a craft knife and steel ruler.

I then paint my resin pieces with That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint.

I also added some Pentart Wax.

I put a layer of UV Resin on the clock piece.

I take the UV Resin and squeeze a line over a plastic cup and harden, I then remove it from the cup and adhere it to the shrine to anchor my cards to.

I add my other elements,

I add a Toadstool

I add some more cards ...

I take one of the Tiny Vials and pop some Galaxy Flakes in it and make a little tag for it.

I was showing my project to my good friend Liz Wheeler who said wouldn't it be good to have the bottle tipped over and spilling out and I had to agree with her, so Thank You Liz for the wonderful idea, I also popped some sisal in the corner just for good measure.

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