Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wearable Art by Amanda Southern


I have been meaning to play with fabric paints for ages, having bought some months ago, and eventually got them out for a play and the result is I made myself a t-shirt.


Here’s how I made it:-

I bought a plain white cotton Tshirt for just a few £’s from the supermarket and washed it. I then had to create an area to work in - I used an old ironing board which I covered with a black bin liner. I then, using very wide masking tape, masked off the area that I was going to work on and I wanted a clean edge to it. I then applied the fabric paint in different coloured blocks using the 3” x 5” Gelli Plate, brayering on the paint as you would with the Gelli Plate.
The first layer I applied was just blocks of plain colour overlapping the blocks in places. I then applied another layer of paint this time making marks and patterns in the paint on the Gelli Plate before printing it on my t-shirt. The first colour you laid down then shows through the patterns that you have made. I then applied the fabric paint through a variety of stencils many of which were the new Dinky stencils.

I finally stencilled on the Donna Downey quote and held my breath when I did that part, the knack is to not add too much paint in one go, just keep building the colour up. For all the stencil work I used a variety of different sized stencil brushes. Last step, remove the masking tape and leave to dry for at least 24hrs. There is no need to heat set the DecoArt SoSoft paint.


Items Used:-

Cotton T-Shirt (washed)
Selection of DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints (lots of colours back in stock tomorrow)
Mark Making Tools (I just used things I have collected from around the house)
That's Crafty! Dinky Stencils – Half Circles, Circles, Bubbles, Punchinella & Brick Wall
Bad Ass Stencil – Drips
Dina Wakley Stencils – Leaves & Affirmations
TCW – Sketch Grid 6”x6” & Mini Specimen 12”x12”
Stencil Brushes Asstd Sizes

Why not give it a go and wear your own art!

See you next Tuesday
Amanda X


  1. WOW Amanda, I'm expressed and fascinated, what a beautiful art works on that Tshirt , grandiose job!!
    Admiring hugs Anja

  2. You can wear that tee shirt with pride, Amanda, because it's true. An amazing piece!

  3. I am in awe! This is totally awesome!! The wording on the T-shirt is a true reflection of yourself! You really are one heck of an artist! Xx

  4. An incredible piece of creativity ! Amanda A real professional job - looks really fab - better than anything ya see on the high street .x

  5. Think Ingrid sums it all up really, best wearable art I've ever seen from one outrageously talented lady
    Biggest hugs
    Donna xxx

  6. Just stunning I an so envious of this wonderful wearable art

  7. Nice! You could sell those.

  8. What a beautiful shirt you've made! Just amazing! You could make step by step tutorial and submit to a magazine or put it on a blog if you have one!

  9. Amanda, or anyone else . . . how do those paints wash, do they fade or anything?

    1. Chris they are specifically fabric paints, they leave a really soft finish on the fabric and wash just fine, no problem. Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Amanda x

    2. Thanks Amanda for the reply!!! I've used Jacquard textile paints in the past. A favorite t-shirt I made (after a class with Sherrill Kahn), after many, many washings the paint is fading and being "worn" off. I probably should have only hand washed that shirt!?!

  10. Wow Amanda this looks amazing. The precision is outstanding. A truly beautiful, personal, wearable piece of art. You are very talented. Hugs Debs xxx

  11. That is fantastic! I would buy that t shirt if I saw it in a shop.
    Lynne x

  12. This is an absolute stunner Amanda and I think you could sell them like hotcakes too as it's so gorgeous!
    Fliss xx

  13. Simply awesome Amanda!!! xox

  14. What an absolute fabulous t-shirt you made.
    Beautiful and Awesome!

  15. Absolutely amazing - best use of fabric paint I've seen! Love the DD quote.
    Alison xx


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