Thursday, 9 October 2014

Halloween Gelli Tag by Carol Fox



I think I might getting a little addicted to my Gelli Plate. I do love how you can pull off a quick background for a tag or a page. I have now found a little designated spot for mine on my desk so it’s always handy, but I do have to remember to keep it covered as my cat has decided he likes the squishy pillow of it feel to lie on and it did end up rather ginger and fluffy!! So now I make sure I always put the protective layer back on the top.


How I did my tag


·       I used DecoArt Multi Surface paints with my Gelli. I used 3 colours plus black and white.

·       I brayered the paint over my Gelli plate mixing it directly on the plate, pulled off the background and then added some black and gently used a credit card to draw lines across the plate and pulled off another layer. I then repeated this with white paint and a bottle cap.

·       I now brayed all the paint left on the plate over it and pulled off a last layer onto my tag to blend all the other layers in. This was quite a thin dry layer, I did not add more paint as I just wanted to give a light patchy layer to the background on the tag.

·       I added my background stamping of the web and spiders using black Archival ink, extending the spiders lines with a black pen so they reached the top of the tag.

·       I stamped my image and quote onto paper scraps, cut these out and stuck them in place, colouring them once the glue was thoroughly dry.

·       To finish I added a scrap of text paper for the image to be standing on, a bit of black paint and some hand drawn doodles around the edge of the tag.


I used 


Carol x


  1. Gelli plates are indispensible, no question about it. And I'm sure your cat agrees LOL. Great tag, Carol - I like the non Halloween colours.

  2. Great tag Carol, love the background and spooky look. Your cat sounds a bit naughty though!
    Fliss x

  3. Love this Carol (even though it has...erm...spiders!!) might even make me get a gelli plate! x


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