Thursday, 23 October 2014

DecoArt Media Fluids and the Gelli Plate by Carol Fox



I spotted the new DecoArt Media fluids in the shop and I thought I would try them out with the Gelli Plate. They come in a lovely range of colours and with an Interference range, which to be honest look a bit weird, and when you squeeze them out they are white but as you spread them about they change colour and end up as a semi-translucent layer on your item. I used them through a stencil on my Gelli so I could get a good comparison for the colour of them.

Anyway this is what I did and the colours I used.

I decided to work on tags so although I have a large Gelli Plate I only applied my paint to a small area of it. I started with spots of Titan Buff, Cobalt Turquoise and Primary Magenta. I mixed them directly on my plate with my brayer and then took a print with my tag, I repeated this with a second tag and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the colour was as strong on the second tag as the first. The paints were really nice and fluid (I guess the clue is in the title of fluid acrylics, lol) and they spread really well and gave good coverage to my tags.

Green Tag




I now laid a stencil on my Gelli and used Green Interference paint through it, I did have to press quite firmly to get the paint to cover through the stencil as it is quite thin paint, but it worked and I removed my stencil and pressed my tag down onto the stencilled area, I picked up my tag and repeated the pressing and moving until all the paint had gone from my Gelli plate. You can see the result in the tag above.


Gold Tag




I did the same with the other tag using Gold Interference Paint. As you can see from the photos the colour is very subtle, but I really like the way it gives another layer to your background, again you can see the tag in the photo above.

I now have two nice tags to use on a future project. I do like to work on a tag when I am using a product for the first time as I don’t find the smaller size so daunting and if it really goes wrong you can just throw it in the bin, or flip it over and use the other side. I find with a larger area or my journal I am a bit more nervous.


I used 



Carol x


  1. These look awesome! Love those colours xxx

  2. Great backgrounds Carol, these look really fab xx


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