Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Crackled Snowflakes by Alison Hall



I'm getting in the mood for Christmas this week, with some sparkly snowflakes. Well, there are only 78 days to go! :-)

Here's What I Used... 

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Paint - Phthalo Blue & Cobalt Teal Hue
Cropadile Hole Punch
Silver Ribbon or Cord


and, Here's What I Did...


1. First, I punched a hole in the top of the snowflakes, then I used a palette knife to apply a layer of the DecoArt Crackle Paste, about 1 mm thick, to them. It's best to leave the paste for 24 hours, to dry & crackle completely.

2. I used a flat paint brush to apply Cobalt Teal Hue to the crackle on one snowflake, then Phthalo Blue to the other. I added another layer of paint to the edges, to give a little depth to the colour, & I also painted the sides & backs of the snowflakes.

3. When the paint was dry, I applied Carbon Black Antiquing Cream to the crackle, working it into the crevices. I left this to dry, then used a baby wipe to remove it from the top surface, leaving it in the cracks.

4. Next, I gently painted the snowflakes with a couple of coats of Matte Varnish, being careful not to disturb the antiquing cream in the cracks too much, as it's still possible to remove this. 

5. I finished off by adding some Rock Candy Distress Stickles, & some silver ribbon to hang my snowflakes with. 


I  decorated four snowflakes in total, two of each colour, and they'll be going on my Christmas tree, if I manage to actually put it up this year!


See you next Wednesday, for more artyness,


Alison xxx


  1. Beautiful snowflakes!!!!!!!!!! They will look wonderful on your tree!!!

  2. Brilliant! Love these gorgeous snow flakes!

  3. Love the crackle and those icy blues. They'll look brilliant on your tree, Alison.

  4. Well, Alison. I do hope you manage to get your tree up this year because these will look lovely on it! Gorgeous blues and I bet that Rock Candy looks good irl! I'm really inclined to have a go at creating some myself. Our tree is in a pot in the garden, Our daughter bought it about three years ago when she was working in a garden centre and it hasn't died yet!:)xxx

  5. WANT/NEED Snowflakes with crackle, a joy to behold and such beautiful colours and crackle, so glad i came to see these:-) xxx

  6. These are gorgeous Alison. Love the colours (would go with my tree decorations :) ) and the crackle is fabulous.
    Fliss x

  7. Fabulous crackle, Alison - these are really cute!
    Alison x

  8. Super crackle on your lovely snowflakes Alison!


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