Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Friendly Plastic Tutorial by Alison Hall



Hi Everyone! Friendly Plastic is a fabulous product, & I have a great technique to share with you this week, that I learned from the lovely Liz Welch. There are a couple of Liz's videos on the That's Crafty website, that are full of amazing techniques, and well worth a look at.


Here's what I used... 

Wide Lacy Ribbon
Coloured Card
Book Pages


Here's what to do...


1. Firstly, cut off a square piece of Friendly Plastic, place it on a non-stick craft sheet. I have a small piece of sheet, cut from a larger sheet, that I use. You'll see why later.

2. Heat the Friendly Plastic with a heat gun until it's melted, & the top looks slightly crackled.


3. Place a piece of lacy ribbon (or any kind of holey or lacy fabric) over the top of the molton Friendly Plastic, then use a craft knife to gently press the fabric into the plastic. The plastic will be very hot, so please be careful.


4. Place the whole thing, including the small craft sheet, into cold water, to set, keeping it flat. I used my kitchen sink, but a shallow plastic container is fine too.

5. When the Friendly Plastic is hard again, simply trim off the edges of the ribbon, & you have a lovely embellishment to use on a project.


6. I layered my Friendly Plastic piece with black card, torn book page & co-ordinating coloured card, & glued it to a kraft card blank. I also cut a word from a book page, & added that to my Friendly Plastic topper as a finishing touch. As you can see from the picture, I got carried away & made a few cards!


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial,

Happy crafting,

Alison xxx


  1. Ah, now I see what you can do with friendly plastic! This looks great Alison. I love the contrast between the black and the vivid blue of the plastic - looks smashing with book text too! Julie Ann xxx

  2. Great idea to use kraft card for your base card, really enhances each of the colours of the FP you have used. Fabulous technique, thanks for sharing :-) xxx

  3. Great tutorial - I bought some FP years ago after watching some fabulous demos at a show - and not yet used it... maybe this time!

  4. Good to see friendly plastic getting an outing, Alison - and such a fabulous result! It's high time Create and Craft had Liz Welch on again.

  5. What a great way to use FP. I will definitely try it. Thanks, Alison!

    Lucy x

  6. I love what you've done with the friendly plastic Alison.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. Fab effects you got Alison...beautiful results!


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