Monday, 11 August 2014

Mixed Media with Gelatos Kit Part 1 - by Deborah

Plus: Baby wipes, cheap hairspray


I'm not usually one for craft kits but I wanted try gelatos (I usually use other water soluble media) and the Mixed Media kit looked like a good introduction to what they could do. You get 24 pieces in the kit:


a) 8 surfaces (including two pieces of printed tissue paper) with b) a book ring to bind them
c) 2 mini stencils
d) e) f) mini mister, drip dropper and plastic palette knife
g) h) i) mini tubes of gesso, glaze and gel medium
j) k) l) mini pots of porcelain (air dry) clay, glass bead glitter gel and whipped spackle (aka texturem) 3 Gelato sticks (Mango, Bubblegum and a Gold Champagne)
n) 26-page design booklet

The booklet takes you through several tips and techniques including spreading glass bead glitter gel through a stencil, image transfer with gel medium, mixing pieces of gelato with the clay and other mediums and accenting with gesso. It also suggests a number of other tools and products you may want to use with the kit. There are no actual step-by-step projects for beginners to follow but there are quite a few videos on youtube.

This week I've decorated two of the substrates using different techniques.

Art Vision

For this piece I drew different sized blocks of colour using the three gelatos on the plain white journal board. The Gelatos are very creamy - think of drawing with lipstick - and I used a barely damp baby wipe to blend them, then added a little definition with similarly coloured watercolour pencils. In places the baby wipe took a lot of the colour off so the orange became yellow. I stencilled randomly with the Bubblegum Gelato through the Picasso stencil to add some texture then to set the colour I wafted the board through a cloud of cheap hairspray (the cheaper the better, although you could use pastel fixative). I finished by stamping with Archival inks.

Follow Your Heart

One of the boards is pre-printed with a pattern of watery orange stripes. I rubbed on some Bubblegum Gelato in places then used the gel medium to glue torn pieces of printed tissue (the map of Brooklyn). You spread gel beneath and on top of the tissue to make it blend in. I cut a couple of the chevrons from the other printed sheet and stuck them down too (including the triangles that were discarded).

After drawing round the stencilled figure with black watercolour pencil and white Sharpie, I added white dots to the chevrons and Remnant Rub words to the background.  They don't stick well on painted surfaces (you can see where I had to bodge the V in TRAVEL) so I simply glued the other rub-ons with the gel medium. Lastly I added some more colour with the Gelatos and watercolour pencils to shade the figure and fill in any pale parts of the background.

Next week I plan to try the clay and glass bead glitter gel - and so that you don't get bored with seeing the same three colours of Gelato (I seem to be going through a pink and orange phase at the moment) I am going to mix them up with my usual water soluble media ie Portfolio Pastels, Stabilo Woodys and Neocolor II.


  1. These are both fabulous! The colours are stunning! xx

  2. They both look amazing and that kit certainly looks very interesting!!

  3. I love both of them, the colours are gorgeous.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Love how you have used that great kit Debs. Annette x

  5. They look great! Thanks for sharing the process.

  6. Loving the brightness of these colours and how they make the black and white pop!

  7. Totally cool makes... looks like a fab kit!
    Alison x

  8. These look amazing Deb! The colours and texures are absolutely stunning.
    Fliss xx

  9. Oooh somehow missed these, amazing xxx


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