Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hand Carved Stamps by Carol Fox



I have had one of the Speedball Stamp Carving sets for a while and I have had it out this week to have a play with. I must admit I had been putting off using it as I imagined it being tricky and hard to use, but I was very surprised how easy it was to get quick and easy results with it.

I have been wanting some basic shapes to use in my journaling for a while now and I am very pleased with how these have turned out.

I simply drew my design onto a piece of paper and rubbed this face down onto the block transferring the image to the rubber. I then simply carved this using the tools in the kit.

I did find it easier to turn the rubber as opposed to the cutting tool to get nice even curves and to tidy them up I trimmed the out edges with a craft knife.

These will be great to use with acrylic paint as shown in my photo.


I used



Carol xx


  1. They look great Carol.....just might have to give this a go :)


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