Monday, 28 July 2014

Gelli Face by Deborah


Gelli Plate
Ranger #8 Tag
Acrylic Paints (I used Dina Wakley Heavy Media: Magenta and Eco Green: Waterfall)
Speedball Brayer
Paintbrush (use the wrong end)
Water Soluble Pastels eg Gelatos
Black Watercolour Pencil
Sharpie Poster Paint Marker: White
Instead of using stencils with a Gelli Plate, as I usually do, I decided to draw a face in the paint, pull a print and then enhance the image with pastels and pencils.

I used my 10 x 8 Gelli Plate and slipped a tag underneath to give me an idea where to spread the paint (you don't need to cover the whole plate). I then drew a face with the tip of a paintbrush handle (with Gelli Plates you need to be careful not to use anything that will cut into the surface).


The poor girl has an 'interesting' face, to say the least, and when I pulled the print there were a few patches where paint had not transferred. But that's okay because the next step is embellish the print. You could stamp or stencil or whatever you like - I drew over the top with black water soluble pastel and a black watercolour pencil, deliberately keeping everything loose and scribbled. I also used pastels to fill in the gaps but left some of the bare tag showing. I drew some beads and added some white sharpie pen around the beads and for the whites of her eyes.


  1. Looks very arty! I love it Deb! xxx

  2. Never would have imagined this was the result of drawing on a Gelli Plate - brilliant result.

  3. This is brilliant Debs.
    xxx Hazel.


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